C&U Vol. 93 / No. 4, Fall 2018

November 2018

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Table of Contents


Logistic Modeling of University Choice among Student Migrants to Karnataka for Higher Education by Veena Andini and Sandeep Rao
Practice What We Teach: Using the TPACK Framework to Connect Professional Development and Academic Programs and Processes by Patrick Elliott  

Research in Brief
Free Speech and Controversial Speakers: Public Institutions Legal Responsibility, and Recommendations for Response by Brad Pulcini 
Miscalculating Need: How the Free Application for Federal Student Aid Misses the Mark by Katy Mathuews  

Campus Viewpoint
Designing Positive Effects: Orientation and Student Success by Matthew Davis Evolution of a Gap Semester Program: An Experiential Challenge by Elizabeth Coder, Eric Hall & Rodney Parks
Innovation to Inquiry: Creating Additional Value from Credential Expansions By Alexander Taylor, Rachel Brown, Rodney Parks, Jesse Parrish and Casey Hayes 
Book Reviews
Pathways to Reform: Credits and Conflict at the City University of New York
Tyranny of Meritocracy
Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education America’s Broken Promise: Bridging the Community College Achievement Gap

Reviewed by Stephen Handel, Brad Pulcini,  S. Abu Turab Rizvi , and Matthew Fifolt