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Faith LaShure

Dean for Admissions, Waubonsee Community College

2018 SEM-EP Graduate

Faith LaShure has over 15 years of higher education experience and currently serves as the Dean of Admissions and as an adjunct instructor for Leadership Studies at Waubonsee Community College, in Sugar Grove, IL. She oversees the college’s SEM plan and the areas of Admissions, Registration and Records and Campus Services. Faith attended Elgin Community College, and graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Mass Communication and a Master of Science in Communication. Her master’s thesis focused on predictors of conflict resolution styles.

  • Capstone Project - “Investigation of a Non-returning New Student Re-enrollment Strategy" examined the re-enrollment rates of new students who did not return following their first semester. These students were randomly divided into two groups with varying types of outreach: (1) students who received a postcard and (2) students who received a phone call in addition to a postcard. The goal of the project was to re-enroll 5% of students. The goal was met, 6% of students re-enrolled; however, the control group re-enrolled at a higher rate than the experimental group. The results also showed that 63% of students successfully completed the call to action for both the postcard and phone call, which was to make an appointment with a counselor or advisor.

The Capstone Project originated from a larger investigation conducted by LaShure and Waubonsee Community College’s Institutional Effectiveness team (Dr. Stacey Randall and Henry Hinkle). The two areas partnered to answer the question, “How are students who re-enroll different from students who are not retained?” One of the findings was that new students were at a higher risk of not returning after their first semester, and this finding prompted the Capstone Project.

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Andrea J Lehmacher

Managing Director of Marketing Strategy at Elgin Community College

2016 SEM-EP Graduate

  • Over 20 years in higher education with experience in public two-year and private four-year institutions. Diverse leadership experience in admissions, leading all aspects of the marketing function, establishing marketing and digital strategies, brand development and management, institutional website redesign, assessment, and creating high performing teams
  • Expertise in Admissions and Enrollment Management, Marketing Strategy, Leadership, Holistic and Systemic Thinking, Collaborative Decision Making, Team Building and Development
  • Capstone Project - "Elgin Community College Career and Technical Education Mini Enrollment Campaign Fall 2016" was a pilot opportunity to create a targeted and intentional marketing campaign using Perkins grant funding to impact fall 2016 enrollment in career and technical education programs. A total of six newly enrolled students can be directly connected to campaign analytics; however, there was also a 26% increase in new applications and a 13% increase in new student CTE enrollment for fall 2016.
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Stacy Maestas

Registrar at Laramie County Community College (Cheyenne, WY)

2018 SEM-EP Graduate

  • Stacy Maestas has over 14 years in higher education with experience in public two-year institutions. She has been the Registrar at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, Wyoming since 2009. Stacy's leadership experience includes records and registration, admissions, international admissions, enrollment management functions, graduation, academic planning, curriculum and program development, team building, advising, integrated services, technology implementations, and cross-functional collaboration. Stacy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and a Master of Science in Management from Bellevue University. 
  • Capstone Project - "Improving Processes in Support of Student Retention" was a literature review that explored how changes in institutional process achieved through student, staff, and faculty engagement and cross-campus collaboration can positively impact student success and retention
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Maria L. Martinez, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management at San Francisco State University

2017 SEM-EP Graduate

  • Over 30 years of higher education experience in Admissions and Registrar's areas at private and large public four-year institutions. Leadership in process improvement, streamlining student services, and building collaboration with faculty and information technology to facilitate enrollment and graduation. Experience in policy assessment, expanding advisement tools, and Quarter-to-Semester Calendar Conversion. Holds a Ph.D. in Education. As a scholar-practitioner, infuses cultural responsiveness in enrollment services.
  • Capstone Project - “Class Wait-listing: A Strategy for Managing Course Demand” examined class wait-list numbers after two separate time periods--General Registration and Add/Drop Periods. This project also gathered information on students’ behavior concerning wait-listing and assessed delayed paths to graduation. Findings from this study resulted in a set of recommendations for changes in the University’s wait-listing policy and processes, including the integration of the review of wait-list numbers in enrollment planning.
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Sarah McAbee

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Support Services at Athens State University

2015 SEM-EP Inaugural Graduate

  • Past Higher Education experience as State Auditor of Higher Ed Institutions and Financial Aid Director.
  • Currently serving as Vice President for Enrollment and Student Support Services, leading a team responsible for recruiting, enrolling advising, retaining and providing funding for new and continuing students. In addition, her team provides student services at off campus centers and student activities and career development opportunities at the main campus.
  • Capstone Project -"Athens State University Communication Study of Retention Outreach Methods​" piloted a study of email messaging strategies for stop out students at Athens State University. Study achieved an 11% return to degree work.
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Jennifer McClure

Managing Director of Enrollment Services at Elgin Community College

2016 SEM-EP Graduate
  • Over 20 years of higher education experience in public two-year and four-year private for-profit and non-profit institutions. Leadership experience in admissions, registration and records, government relations, expansion, accreditation, interest-based bargaining, and developing high functioning teams. Varied experience in leading college efforts related to branding, administrative policy, and student success initiatives.
  • Expertise in Admissions, Registrar, Enrollment Management functions, Leadership, Organizational Development, Team Building, Process Improvement, Project Implementation, Cross-functional team building, and Facilitation
  • Capstone Project - "Impact of Advisor Outreach on Priority Registration" was a pilot to determine if academic advisor outreach positively impacted students registering during the priority registration time period. The focus of the project also looked at students who historically have had the lowest likelihood of enrolling during the priority registration period. This project, built off of regression analysis, identified key behaviors and characteristics that impact student retention.
  • Results confirmed that students who were contacted by an advisor enrolled at a higher rate than those who were not contacted and those students who received multiple contacts registered at a higher rate than those receiving one contact. Additionally, results showed that the impact from advisor contact extended two months after the priority registration week.
  • "The Impact of Advisor Outreach on Priority Registration" - College & University Vol. 92, No. 3, Fall 2017
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Steven J McDowell

Director of Financial Aid Services at Connecticut State Colleges & Universities

2017 SEM-EP Graduate

  • Eleven-plus years of higher education financial aid experience across varying levels, which has included system policy development, legislative and regulatory analysis, system and campus financial aid administration, strategic planning, budgeting, enrollment management, institutional research, and state government relations
  • Capstone Project - “Connecticut Community College Strategic Enrollment Management Master Plan” was written as a pilot plan to bring strategic enrollment management to the twelve community colleges that reside within the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities system. The contents of the plan seek to develop a new culture based around SEM, with leadership provided at the system level, which is designed to work with system colleges in advancing enrollment, retention, persistence, and progress goals
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Michael McManus

Former Director of Advising & Retention at Arapahoe Community College

2017 SEM-EP Graduate

  • Michael McManus has 10 years of higher education experience, including academic advising, instruction, new student orientation, and enrollment management experiences. Michael graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a B.A. – Political Science and minor in Psychology, and earned his Master of Arts in Teaching - Secondary Education Social Studies from Rhode Island College.
  • Capstone Project - “Evaluating the Impact Proactive Full-time Registration has on Student Retention.” This research project sought to determine if proactively enrolling a specific population of students full-time in their first semester of courses would result in student success when compared to prior year data. Student success is defined as an increase in enrollment, persistence, and retention. Research done in collaboration with fellow Registered Enrollment Professional Darcy Briggs
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Dr Joseph Mews

Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management at University of South Carolina - Palmetto College

2020 SEM-EP Graduate

Dr. Mews serves as Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management for the University of South Carolina - Palmetto College. In his role, Mews provides strategic direction and oversight of new and continuing enrollment and student services, including marketing, recruitment, admissions, financial aid, student success, career services, and data analytics. His professional and research interests include organizational behavior, leadership, change management, strategic assessment and planning, and adult learning.

Capstone Project: "Selecting Student Success Models" detailed various criteria that should be considered when assessing or planning for a student-centered success model. The research provides insight on varying student needs—specifically highlighting differences between two- and four-year campuses, and modality of course instruction and attendance.


Arturo Montiel

Campus Administrator at South Texas College-Starr County Campus

2015 SEM-EP Inaugural Graduate

  • Experience in higher education as faculty and program chairperson with duties including curriculum and program development for student success. Currently serving as campus administrator with duties including program development, community partnerships, facility management, and enrollment management.
  • Capstone Project - "A Campus Role for Retention" examined the current trends related to retention on community college campuses, with a specific focus on first-generation students in the south Texas region.

Erin Morgan

University Registrar and Director of Enrollment Operations at Seattle University

2015 SEM-EP Inaugural Graduate

  • 13 Years of Higher Education Experience in Academic and Enrollment Management at a Public Institution with an enrollment in excess of 10,000 students
  • Expertise in Records and Registration, Enrollment Management, Student Affairs, Leadership, Research
  • Capstone Project - "Enrollment Management Data" explored key data points associated with informing enrollment decisions on college campuses