AACRAO's Women's Caucus: Zoom Fatigue

September 17, 2021

Free Webinar | 2:00-3:00 pm ET

Dr. Fauville is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Education, Communication and Learning, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2020, video conferencing went from a novelty to a necessity, and usage skyrocketed due to shelter-in-place orders throughout the world. However, there is a scarcity of academic research on the psychological effects and mechanisms of video conferencing, and scholars need tools to understand this drastically scaled usage. Dr. Fauville’s research revealed five dimensions of fatigue: general, social, emotional, visual, and motivational fatigue. Frequency, duration, and burstiness of Zoom meetings were associated with a higher level of fatigue, and fatigue was associated with negative attitudes towards the Zoom meetings ( Fauville, 2021).

This webinar will discuss the effects of zoom fatigue specifically on women, and ways women can adjust to limit the effects of prolonged Zoom fatigue. A discussion session following the 30-minute webinar will follow to allow for questions and answers.



Geraldine Fauville

Assistant Professor at the University of Gothenburg

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