University of Calgary

Location: Alberta, Canada


A comprehensive research university ranked among the top in Canada, the U of C serves a student population exceeding 29,000 students. The University partnered with AACRAO Consulting to conduct a systematic review of admissions operations to ensure alignment with current university enrollment policies. One of the University’s main objectives was to identify opportunities for improved efficiency and effectiveness through the implementation of best practices and technology.


The U of C had made the investment to implement PeopleSoft to increase online access to and visibility of academic and administrative data on enrollment, financial aid, admission status, registration and more. Despite this available tool, U of C departments and staff found it challenging to implement the new system, and tended to rely on business processes dating back to their legacy system days. The University business processes needed to be upgraded and aligned with their current technology tools.


AACRAO Consulting leveraged our familiarity with different technology systems across a spectrum of institutions to identify the best solutions for addressing U of C’s admissions and recruitment challenges. We recommended organizational changes as well as introduced staff to the advantages of technology in improving the admissions and recruitment process.


As a result of AACRAO Consulting’s recommendations, U of C has built a strong recruitment team and increased the number of applicants by 1,000 in the first year since our consultation, with additional gains anticipated in the future.