Clackamas Community College

Location: Oregon City, OR


With three campuses located in Oregon, Clackamas Community College (CCC) serves over 37,000 students with a variety of transfer degrees, career training and technological programs. The college contacted AACRAO Consulting for help in identifying and prioritizing a list of action items with the goal of reaching its enrollment targets over the next two to three years.


CCC knew it needed a more strategic approach to its enrollment management, but lacked the SEM experience or expertise needed to capture the benefits of SEM for community colleges.


AACRAO Consulting thoroughly reviewed CCC’s SEM organization and strategies, including its current recruitment and retention programs. Based on the findings, CCC’s AACRAO consultants provided a focused strategy for moving forward with SEM in two key areas: the continuum of student services and the organizational structure of the College enrollment management staff.

To help staff understand and embrace the value of SEM at the community-college level, AACRAO Consulting also developed the content for a campus-wide educational campaign called SEM 101.


By the conclusion of the AACRAO consultation, CCC was armed with a clear strategic direction and roadmap for developing and implementing a realistic SEM Plan over the next several years. AACRAO Consulting additionally enhanced campus-wide staff understanding of SEM and its value.