Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Readiness Review & Planning

Increasing numbers of universities and colleges are embracing a more strategic approach to aligning enrollment targets with the institutional mission and vision. Find out how.

A Community College Roadmap for the Strategic Enrollment Management Journey

Learn how community and technical colleges can sharpen their focus, optimize their resources, and achieve enrollment goals that support the health and viability of their enterprises.

Effective Resource Utilization: Integrating Enrollment Management, Budgeting and Academic Planning

See how the optimal utilization of resources can help institutions achieve their goals.

Finding the Academic Context: The SEM Role for Faculty

For institutions to have effective Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) operations, they must place SEM within the institutional academic context.

How are We Doing? Gauging Enrollment Performance

Forward-thinking leadership must continually be asking the “How-are-we-doing” question about enrollment management and be judging the answers received.

Leveraging Financial Aid: A Powerful Tool for Enrollment Success

Learn how a strategic analysis of financial aid can help the enrollment manager and his or her institution improve financial aid strategy, which is an important component of attracting and retaining students the institution seeks to serve.

SEM in Canada: A Unique Approach

Canadian history and value systems have shaped a distinctive approach to SEM that has resulted in different areas of focus.

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