AACRAO's 104th
Annual Meeting

Call for Proposals: AACRAO's 104th Annual Meeting

March 25-28, 2018 (Sunday-Wednesday)
Orlando World Center Marriott
Orlando, Florida

Proposal Deadline: May 19, 2017 
Submit Your Proposal Online: sessions.aacrao.org


Over the past century, AACRAO has earned the reputation for being a primary resource on student admissions, academic records, international education, and enrollment management. This is due in no small part to our members and their commitment to sharing their knowledge and work experiences at our meetings.  We invite you to submit a workshop, roundtable topic, session or poster proposal that illustrates innovative or practical steps you have taken on your campus to improve higher education.

Why Should You Present a Session?
Presenting is a unique professional development opportunity that allows you to:

  • Contribute to and learn about the most recent advances in your field
  • Advocate for your profession
  • Provide a focus for your research
  • Hone your presentation skills
  • Develop professional contacts.

Suggested Topics:

  • Recruiting underrepresented populations
  • Admission’s role in the academic enterprises
  • Professional development, sustainability, and core values
  • State of the economy and the impact on higher education
  • Regulatory issues: accountability, disclosure, compliance 
  • Retaining and graduating students
  • Business processes and design/redesign
  • Planning, assessment, benchmarking/performance measures  
  • Institution-wide enrollment management
  • Classroom scheduling and optimization
  • Serving distinct and/or non-traditional populations (ie, veterans, LGBT students, native populations, students with disabilities)
  • Financial aid – what staff and faculty need to know
  • Immigration issues
  • Student transfer trends 
  • Identifying and working with at-risk students
  • Access and affordability
  • New international trends
  • Transforming data into information
  • Building relationships with and managing expectations of students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, etc.
  • Relationships with state, federal, and accrediting agencies

Poster Sessions
Are you working on a new project, but don’t have results ready to present formally? Would sharing a difficult workflow challenge help you to find a new process? Have you recently changed a procedure and the results are mixed? Consider sharing your idea through the poster presentation option.

A poster session provides an opportunity to discuss your topic with peers in an informal setting, somewhat like an information fair. A good poster session focuses on one main theme, presents useful information, and stimulates discussion.  For additional information, contact Karee Head at kareer@uidaho.edu

Guidelines for Submission
As AACRAO’s Annual Meeting represents many facets of multiple professions, the following guidelines are offered to ensure presentations are of the highest quality and are applicable to a broad audience:

  • generalized
  • presents multiple viewpoints
  • multiple institutions represented
  • different institution types represented
  • draws from theory
  • grounded in research
  • relevant (hot topics list)
  • practical applications to the profession
  • reports, tools, documents (with institution disguised if necessary) provided to assist in broad use
  • assessment data or trend data included as appropriate

Corporate Presentations:
Individuals employed by organizations offering goods and services to institutions of higher education may not serve as presenters in sessions, except through the Corporate Presentation category. In addition, sessions are considered corporate when the subject matter promotes a company’s product. Sessions submitted through the regular proposal form will be reviewed for appropriate content and may be reclassified as a corporate presentation, which would dictate a presentation fee. For information on corporate presentations and fees, contact AACRAO’s Marketing Department at (202) 263-0287, or via e-mail at corporateinfo@aacrao.org.

Program: Contact Annual Meeting Program Chair, Sarah Harris, University of Iowa, sarah-harris@uiowa.edu
Other: E-mail meetings@aacrao.org