Retention & Student Success Review

Support and Foster Student Outcomes

Attracting the right students is only one part of the solution to student success. High retention and graduation rates speak volumes about the quality of your institution’s educational programs and experiences. Many institutions work hard to enroll students, only to see those students leave before earning a credential or degree. Having an effective retention plan remains a critical component of Strategic Enrollment Management, and of reaching your enrollment goals while reducing enrollment costs.

Our Retention and Student Success Review provides a comprehensive examination of your institution’s overall approach to student transitions and support. Working together, we’ll get to the core of the issues impacting your student outcomes.

Strategy for Student Success

Customized for your specific challenges and goals, the engagement begins with a detailed review of your institution’s retention and graduation rates from first term to six years. Armed with this insight and from interviews on your campus, we’ll help you develop and implement a practical plan to:

  • Take a more strategic and integrated approach to student success
  • Create a retention plan that works within your unique institutional culture
  • Deepen understanding of your student profile, including transfer and high need students
  • Identify and address barriers that impede student retention and success
  • Improve student satisfaction rates
  • Enhance programs and services designed to help students succeed
  • Increase the number of students taking advantage of these programs and services
  • Make sure appropriate offices and departments are well prepared to support student success and satisfaction
  • Put you on the path to more Strategic Enrollment Management

Contact AACRAO Consulting today to schedule your Retention and Student Success Review and build your strategy for improved retention and completion rates.

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Northern Oklahoma College (NOC)

Location: Tonkawa, Enid & Stillwater, OK


Oklahoma’s oldest public community college with multiple campuses, NOC provides a high quality, accessible, and affordable education with a focus on collaborative and creative learning. In 2016, NOC began working on an overarching strategic plan to direct the future of the college. Within that plan, NOC wanted to specifically address strategies and efforts around recruitment, retention, and graduation to identify opportunities for improvement and better alignment with the institution’s mission and vision.


After successfully removing barriers in its transfer processes, NOC had been enjoying a higher-than-average graduation rate for a community college. But the college had never developed a formal recruitment plan. Focused on daily tasks and processes, the enrollment department had not completed a deep dive into the data to see how the college’s recruitments efforts were performing, and what might be done differently to improve application and enrollment numbers.

NOC knew the best way to identify opportunities for improvement would be to bring in outside experts to evaluate recruitment efforts. The college selected AACRAO Consulting for its thought leadership in the field of Strategic Enrollment Management.


AACRAO Consulting began the engagement by conducting a series of comprehensive on-site interviews with administration, faculty, students, and staff over the course of two days. Prior to their on-site visit, AACRAO Consultants also collected and reviewed in-depth data around NOC’s recruitment, enrollment, retention and application volume so that the consultants were well-informed and prepared for their review.

Based on discoveries from the interviews and data review, AACRAO Consulting developed a preliminary plan detailing their findings and recommendations. This plan was submitted to the college’s president and Senior Executive Team for assessment and feedback. After completing additional refinements and clarifications based on leadership input, AACRAO Consulting submitted their formal recommendations for developing a Strategic Enrollment Management plan to support NOC’s overall strategic vision.


AACRAO Consulting identified and outlined practical and actionable recommendations for a more strategic approach to recruitment and enrollment. This included recommendations for the acquisition of new ERP and CRM systems designed to automate and streamline recruitment, application, and enrollment processes. AACRAO Consulting additionally advised NOC to develop a communications plan for reaching prospective students and applicants, along with the technology to maximize the success of this plan. By modernizing their systems, NOC would be able to move away from their existing labor-intensive manual processes that were creating errors and delays in student response times.

AACRAO Consulting’s recommendations provided NOC with the foundation to build the college’s first Strategic Enrollment Management plan. The work AACRAO Consultants did allowed enrollment leadership to identify enrollment targets, dates for hitting those targets, as well as processes to measure the college’s progress toward achieving its goals.

The recommendations put forth by AACRAO Consulting have served beyond recruitment efforts as well. NOC’s president now plans to use the Strategic Enrollment Management plan to drive the college’s broader institutional decision-making.




Our experience with AACRAO Consulting has been excellent. Our consultants were  knowledgeable, professional, and collegial. As an institution of higher learning that believes in  the value of expertise, we recognized the value of bringing in AACRAO Consulting’s experts in Strategic Enrollment Management. They’ve helped us understand the barriers to our enrollment, and more importantly, created a framework we didn’t have to overcome those barriers. The knowledge they imparted to us has stuck. And it’s also worked.

Terry Brown, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, State University of New York at Fredonia