Strategic Enrollment Management Quarterly

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SEM Prep 2020

October 2020
Editor's Note

Tom Green, Ph.D.


As we prepare to participate in the first-ever virtual conference for SEM 2020, we do so under what are undoubtedly the strangest conditions ever for it. Our work, our students, our staff have all had to move to new ways of engagement. Historical data that fuels our predictive models is likely irrelevant. Planning for instructional modalities, campus housing, and schedules have all been fluid for weeks and months. The conference this year will emphasize these issues and provide a forum for discussion and learning. However, there isn’t any research on this phenomenon yet, so we are providing this “classic SEM” primer as a reminder of the foundations of our practice.

We do know that we will return to some of our proven practices in the future and that others have been forever changed. What will likely not change is the need for us to continually examine data, scan the horizon, and examine practices to determine what we must continue to do and what we must change to be successful in helping our students and our institutions thrive.




I hope that this edition of SEM Prep, masterfully curated by Managing Editor Heather Zimar, will serve to broadly cover many areas of SEM practice. As we look to the future, I encourage you to consider research on this moment, this time, this seismic change, so that we may all benefit from your expertise and insights. We are, indeed, all in this together.

Be well,


Tom Green, Ph.D.

Editor in Chief

Toward an Institutional Databases Audit to Improve College Student Persistence by Bert Ellison, John M. Braxton, Melissa Lang, and Kelly Grant

A Practical Framework for a Data-Driven Graduate Enrollment Management Plan by Shaimaa Hassanein  


Higher Education Lags in Use of Brand Management Techniques to Recruit High School Seniors by Wendy Kilgore and Gary Orosy  
Administrator Perspectives Regarding the Relationship between Campus Environments and Campus Visits and Student College Choice and Persistence: A Research Report by Scott Secore 
Community College:
The Influence of the Completion Agenda on Decision Making by Community College Career and Technical Education Program Deans by Helen B. Garrett 
Influencing Institutional Expectations through Organizational Leadership and Contextual Data by Alexis Pope and Susan Davies 
Using Artificial Neural Networks to Predict Matriculation of University Prospects by David Hansen 
Effects of a Public-Private Partnership on Graduate Enrollment Management by Jonathan Clayden