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Mike Reilly, Executive Director, AACRAO, welcomed nearly 20 international attendees to the AACRAO Annual Meeting at the preconference workshop "US Education for International Participant... Read More

Thomas P. Rock, Ed.D. Associate Dean of Enrollment Services at Columbia University, Teachers College and Past President of the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals (NAGAP), tol... Read More

In August 2013, President Obama announced a set of proposals to promote college affordability and improve educational outcomes.  The plan includes the implementation of a federal ratings syste... Read More

The proliferation of MOOCs has been one of the more pivotal trends in higher education.   Fittingly, MOOCs were a prominent topic of discussion at AACRAO’s recently held Annual Meet... Read More

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Two years ago, the American Association of Community Colleges provided a stark assessment of its members' shortcomings,calling for a broad transformation to meet the evolving needs of... Read More

Three Congressional Democrats have teamed up on legislation being introduced on Thursday that seeks to improve coordination among the federal agencies that oversee for-profit colleges. The le... Read More

The American Council on Education, which has made no secret of its dislike for the Obama administration's plan to create a new ratings system for colleges, has released a re... Read More

The Obama administration on Friday set the stage for a new round in the years-long fight over its controversial gainful employment rule, with the formal release of a new proposa... Read More

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In joint speeches at Community College of Allegheny County's West Hills Center in Pennsylvania, President Obama and Vice President Biden announced on Wednesday nearly $600 million in new federa... Read More

A bill in the Florida Senate would restrict how often professors could change the course materials they assign, reports The Chronicle of Higher Education. Under the proposed legislation (SB 530), u... Read More

This week, the U.S. Department of Education published a Dear Colleague Letter providing some additional information and guidance on upcoming changes to the National Student Loan State System (NSLDS... Read More

The U.S. Education Department announced in the Federal Register on Friday an additional session for the committee tasked with drafting new program integrity rules for Title IV federal student aid p... Read More

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The research presented in this article is part of an ongoing effort to use data collected during the college admissions process to help identify which students are likely to perform poorly in their... Read More

In March 2013, the US Department of Education issued guidance to institutions on how to attain approval for competency-based programs under the current title IV, Higher Education Act (HEA) regulati... Read More

Like many community colleges, Monroe Community College (MCC) has been developing a new strategic enrollment management strategy. To this end, the college conducted a communications audit in order t... Read More

There is a growing “swirling” trend of students alternating between 2- and 4-year colleges. The non-linear paths traveled by many community college students often take them through mult... Read More

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