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What do you do at AACRAO, and how long have you been doing it? My official title is Assistant Director of Membership, and I have been here for just over a year. A lot of the work I do in that capa... Read More

Ask the FERPA Professor

Posted on September 23 2014

Dear FERPA Professor, I work in the records department at a fully online institution. Thus, our communication with students is largely via e-mail and phone (from a staff perspective such as financ... Read More

Spotlight on SEM: Emerging Issues

Posted on September 23 2014

AACRAO Spotlight interviews are published twice weekly before major professional development meetings. They feature our conversations with industry experts, highlighting key issues and promoti... Read More

By Ann M. Koenig, AACRAO International Education Services India’s University Grants Commission (UGC) has followed up its recent action forcing the University of Delhi to discontinue its new ... Read More

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Northern Exposure

Posted on September 23 2014

In conversations about international student recruitment in the United States, some things are taken as given: the decentralization of the landscape and the absence of a coordinated recruitment str... Read More

There's been lots of debate lately in housing circles about the impact of student debt on home ownership. Now there's a new study out that attempts to put a number on that impact... Read More

Shrinking Numbers, Changing Values

Posted on September 23 2014

Syracuse University plans to scale back its involvement in a scholarship program for public high school students, a decision that prompted scores of its Syracuse students to protest on Friday. The... Read More

NJ Advances Bill to Freeze Tuition

Posted on September 23 2014

Imagine this: Completing four years of college without seeing your tuition increase even once. A bill that has begun advancing in the New Jersey Legislature would make that a reality. The state A... Read More

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The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a $1 trillion stopgap spending bill to fund the federal government through December 11, The Hill reported. The 319-108 vote sends the bill t... Read More

Legislation that would have allowed existing student loan borrowers to refinance their loans at current interest rates has once again stalled in the U.S. Senate. Sen. Elizabeth A. Warren's (D-M... Read More

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) released a new guide for colleges that are considering working with international student recruitment agencies, Inside Higher Ed re... Read More

On Tuesday, federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced a $569 million lawsuit accusing Corinthian Colleges of predatory lending and illegal collection tactics, The Huffington Post. The ... Read More

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Under a recent initiative, the University of Hawaii at Manoa used a mixed methods approach to identify current institutional peers. Researchers classified a peer and aspirant group that considered ... Read More

Institutions can use cross-cultural theories, organizational maturity models, and business planning frames to analyze their culture and structures. As this author notes, recognizing the intricacies... Read More

A small, public liberal arts school framed student success to drive change and develop a new SEM plan. Their approach, highlighted in this article, demonstrates how a shift in thinking can impact t... Read More

This article presents how enrollment managers can best secure adequate funding for enrollment activities, and as a result, other operating units. The authors present a framework for using return on... Read More

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