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With its extensive experience in conducting evaluations of international student academic records, the NAIA Eligibility Center has launched InCred, a credential evaluation service for internat... Read More

The rise of competency-based education (CBE) has redefined what college looks like for a growing number of students. The basic idea underlying CBE is simple: programs award credit based on demonstr... Read More

Ask the FERPA Professor

Posted on July 1 2015

Dear FERPA Professor, A colleague of mine had a question regarding a student requesting a transcript. The student has a balance due and of course the college will not release the record. In respon... Read More

At least two states already practice free community college tuition policies and more states are considering how they may implement a free program for their community college students.  These ... Read More

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The U.S. Supreme Courtannounced on Monday that it would revisit a lawsuit challenging how the University of Texas at Austin considers race and ethnicity in admitting undergraduates, setting th... Read More

Outsourced Campus Judges

Posted on June 30 2015

Campus hearings, even when they’re regarding an activity as serious as sexual assault, are not courtrooms. It's a distinction that the U.S. Department of Education has embraced, requirin... Read More

Foreign students' applications to American graduate schools climbed by 2 percent this year, driven in part by continued growth in applications from India, according to survey results released t... Read More

The University of Phoenix, losing profitability because of falling enrollments and high dropout rates, announced on Monday that it would eliminate most of its associate-degree programs, c... Read More

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The federal government will not compare colleges or pass judgment on their relative merits as part of the ratings system the U.S. Department of Education plans to release before the end of the summ... Read More

This week, Congress advanced spending bills that would boost the maximum Pell Grant and block the Obama administration from implementing regulations relating to gainful employment for vocational pr... Read More

Three Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation on Wednesday that would close a loophole allowing for-profit colleges to take in increased amounts of federal money by collecting veterans'&nbs... Read More

A federal judge on Tuesday rejected the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities' (APSCU) legal challenge to the U.S. Education Department's gainful employment rule. The... Read More

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