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Ask the FERPA Professor

Posted on June 14 2016

Dear FERPA Professor, We had a question arise on campus regarding directory information, and I would really appreciate your thoughts. If we officially consider an item as directory information, a... Read More

  By Wayne Sigler, Ed.D., Senior Consultant, AACRAO Consulting Sigler’s extensive admissions and enrollment management experience include very successful leadership of the admissions p... Read More

Prior learning assessment systems took root and have thrived at many nontraditional schools, community colleges and for-profit schools. The concept has been harder to shoehorn into the traditional ... Read More

  by Sarah McAbee, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Support Services, Athens State University As part of the SEM-EP experience, my SEM-EP capstone project was designed to test the t... Read More

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Lawsuits move slowly, but the world spins fast. Since Abigail N. Fisher sued the University of Texas at Austin, 3,000 days have elapsed, bringing many changes to college campuses. Although the age-... Read More

Prisoners to Get 'Second Chance Pell'

Posted on June 24 2016

The Obama administration has chosen 67 colleges and universities for a pilot program that will offer Pell Grants to incarcerated students. The program, called Second Chance Pell, will enroll 12,00... Read More

British citizens voted on Thursday for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, ushering in a period of uncertainty for universities. The margin was 52 to 48 percent. Many in high... Read More

The U.S. Supreme Court’s deadlock on Thursday in a key immigration case disappointed college students who had hoped for reassurance that their parents and siblings wouldn’t be deported.... Read More

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The U.S. Supreme Court today issued its decision in the Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin (Fisher II) case, upholding the institution's use of race and ethnicity in admissions, Inside Hig... Read More

As expectations of passing a Higher Education Act (HEA) reauthorization this year dwindle, the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce on Wednesday advanced five smaller bipartisan bill... Read More

A group of 30 Senate Democrats sent a letter to U.S. Education Secretary John B. King, Jr. this week urging the agency to "improve the transparency and accountability" of the 90/10 r... Read More

California state lawmakers last week approved a $122.5 billion state budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year, Inside Higher Ed reported. Under the legislation, the state's three public higher edu... Read More

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