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A recent article in AACRAO Connect called for volunteers for the Editorial Board for College & University.  The retirement in the past year of some long-time members of the Editorial Board... Read More

Attendees at AACRAO’s Annual Meeting will have the opportunity to engage with subject matter experts on issues critical to the success of your institution and students. Staff from the Nationa... Read More

Tips for your professional headshot

Posted on March 21 2017

A professional headshot, or portrait, is essential for working professionals.  Within seconds of looking at a LinkedIn profile or your speaker biography, you want your best "you" to ... Read More

by Betty J. Huff, AACRAO Consultant I attempted to accomplish effective leadership throughout my forty years as a higher education professional.  Leadership styles, both as defined in the res... Read More

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White House Calls for More Cuts to Pell

Posted on March 29 2017

The Trump administration has called on the U.S. Congress to cut $3 billion from the U.S. Department of Education's budget as part of $18 billion in new proposed cuts to social program... Read More

Former Corinthian College students who were seeking to have their private loans discharged after the giant for-profit higher education company collapsed have been denied their day in court. In Jul... Read More

As on other campuses, students at the University of Utah have been calling for the school to declare itself a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants, including those enrolled there. There have been... Read More

President Trump’s budget proposal to slash federal research funding and end financial support for the arts could hurt the bottom line of colleges and universities that rely on those gove... Read More

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Last week, President Trump released his budget which proposes $54 billion in cuts in discretionary spending across the federal government. More specifically, the budget proposal call... Read More

Numerous states are considering legislation that would require transgender people to use the bathrooms that correspond to the sex listed on their birth certificates, Politico Morning Educ... Read More

Princeton University last week sued the U.S. Education Department to stop the release of documents that would reveal some of the university's admissions procedures, reports Inside Higher E... Read More

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed an act last week creating the Arkansas Future Grant, ArFuture, an effort to boost the state's work force, reports Inside Higher Ed. The grant offers fre... Read More

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International Job Opportunities!

Ontario Universities' Application Centre
Guelph, Ontario
seeks an
Executive Director
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About Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC)
The OUAC serves university and student clients by providing a stable, centralized platform for the application process and offering a range of outreach and ancillary services that help students navigate the admissions and application process.