Strategic Enrollment Management Quarterly

Advancing research in enrollment and student success

Editor's Note

Tom Green, Ph.D.


This issue of the SEM Quarterly offers readers four articles on very timely topics. Two of the research articles explore how data can be used to better understand enrollment but come at the topic from different ways. Guillermo A. De Veyga of New Jersey City University explores the relationship between business school rankings in popular magazines and actual enrollment outcomes. This focused approach to one discipline—business—is a strong model for how we can assess similar effects in other academic areas.

The second approach comes from a team of researchers headed by Randall Langston of The College at Brockport: State University of New York, and discusses enrollment prediction and its role in the work of the enrollment manager. This highly insightful article covers most of the approaches taken by enrollment managers when performing this critically important work on their campuses.

International enrollment is a hot topic today worldwide. As students become increasingly mobile and trends change, understanding both the recruitment of international students and fostering their success, once enrolled, should be of keen interest to SEMQ readers. Two of our Canadian researchers contribute strong articles in this issue. John Soltice, from the University of Alberta, covers the role and benefits of in-country recruitment, offering readers practical and experienced insights. This is especially helpful as more and more colleges and universities consider their approaches to international recruitment and plan the resources required to achieve their desired results.

One of the most seasoned SEM experts, Clayton Smith of the University of Windsor, writes on international student success. Following years of work in this field, Smith offers a well-written article that offers a wealth of information. Not only does the article provide multiple perspectives (student, faculty, administrator), but it uses graphics to illustrate the interconnectedness of international student success issues. This is a version of the new International Student Guide chapter that Smith authored for an American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) publication on this topic, released almost simultaneously with this edition of SEMQ.

Consider downloading some of these articles in the new PDF format, as you may wish to have these on your cloud or hard drive for quick reference. Enjoy the issue and the contributions of these skilled researchers and strong writers.