LEADING Strategies

Reimagining Higher-Ed in the New Era: Upskilling Competencies toward Enhancing Enrollment Management

Higher education institutions have the societal role and responsibility of providing guidance to their members and the surrounding community. Institutions endeavored, and are still striving, to illustrate multi-faceted practices that can be integrated into the founding principles of an educational institution. And that can pave its way through the dynamic and ever-evolving process of upholding an outstanding position among top notch universities worldwide, imprinting the technological transformation, creating degrees that suit the new era’s needs, and granting equitable access for learning to preserve the social balance. This article provides a comprehensive outlook on higher education’s role in defining, setting, and navigating the new normal through upskilling the three constituents of the learning arena—faculty, staff, and students—and the community as a whole while managing students’ enrollment and retention.

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