Faculty Involvement in Strategic Enrollment Management at North American Postsecondary Educational Institutions

This article explores the role of faculty members in developing and enhancing Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) on North American postsecondary educational institutions. Researchers use a qualitative research design in which nine faculty members and ten chief enrollment managers at nineteen postsecondary institutions participated in individual interviews. Primary findings, resulting from a qualitative research design, include: a) the primary role of faculty in SEM is to provide quality instruction, serve as a consultative partner with SEM administration, support marketing and student recruitment, support student recruitment and success, and share higher-educational trends; b) faculty are important in implementing SEM strategies in such areas as academic advising, academic infrastructure, academic program reviews, faculty development, individual student interventions, institutional effectiveness, new-student orientation, student engagement, student recruitment, and student retention; and c) one of the best ways to engage faculty is to build faculty relationships, share data extensively, focus on student retention, and be open to faculty initiatives. Study limitations, implications and recommendations for professional practice as well as suggestions for further research are presented.

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