State & Regional Connection

One of the fundamental strengths of our profession has been the vitality of strong, active state and regional associations. These associations provide members with many professional development activities and opportunities and generally are instrumental in forging the informal networks that exist throughout the country. State and regional associations are enormously important for AACRAO and its members. 

The primary line of communication between AACRAO and the state and regional associations is through the associations' presidents. Prior to each association's annual meeting the AACRAO Office will send a packet of information for display, which will include the AACRAO Update, College and University, publications catalogs, membership brochures, cups, pens, and a handful of new publications that can be given away as door prizes. Presidents will be contacted several weeks before their meeting to determine where and when the material should be sent.

Throughout the year, presidents may be asked to actively participate in AACRAO activities by:

  • identifying regional or national issues or problems that may benefit from concentrated attention by AACRAO through the Board of Directors, the AACRAO National Office, or the committee structure.
  • responding to questions on policies and procedures posed to the associations by the AACRAO Board of Directors.
  • recommending to the AACRAO Nominations and Elections Committee qualified members of their associations who are interested in seeking election to AACRAO's Board of Directors or to the AACRAO Nominations and Election Committee.
  • recommending qualified state and regional association members for appointment to AACRAO committees, task forces, or other assignments.
  • recommending outstanding state and regional program sessions, workshops, or other professional activities for inclusion in a future AACRAO Annual Meeting, for export to other associations, or for consideration for the AACRAO State/Regional Professional Activity Awards.
  • participating in AACRAO government relations efforts.

The relationship between the state and regional association presidents and AACRAO is augmented by the Workshop for State and Regional Association Officers that is scheduled in conjunction with the AACRAO Annual Meeting, by visits to state and regional associations' annual meetings by individual members of AACRAO's Board of Directors or professional staff of the AACRAO National Office, and by the activities of the State and Regional Relations Committee. These and other formal and informal contacts between the officers of all of the associations are intended to enhance communications between AACRAO and the state and regional associations and among the state and regional associations themselves.

The basic goals of AACRAO and of the state and regional associations are the same:

  • to enhance the profession, and
  • to enhance the professional development of the individual members. 

The associations and their members are well-served when strong cooperative and communicative links are developed between and among all of the professional associations.