AACRAO Connection

The List of Regional and State Association section of the AACRAO Website gives a complete list of all Regional and State Association's websites.

For many years, members of the AACRAO Board of Directors and the executive staff of the AACRAO Office have participated in the annual meetings of the state and regional associations. These visits always are of value to the AACRAO representative because the representative has the opportunity to discuss professional and association issues with members of associations other than his/her own and to learn of projects and programs of the state and regional associations that may be of national interest. Comments from the state and regional associations suggest they have found the visits to be equally beneficial.

Members of the board always express their desire to be involved in the annual meeting programs of the state and regional associations to the fullest extent possible. This often includes a 10-15 minute AACRAO update, a session presentation, a roundtable on AACRAO issues, staffing an AACRAO booth and attendance at new member orientation.

The Vice President for Leadership and Management Development assigns members of the board and the AACRAO National Office to visit the annual meetings of the state and regional associations. The associations will be asked for their preference in January. Assignments are made on the basis of the association's request and the availability of the board or staff member.

AACRAO will pay all transportation costs for its representative to get to the state or regional association meeting. The state or regional association should provide a waiver of the registration fee, the cost of lodging, the cost of meals associated with the meeting, and directions to the meeting site. If any of the expenses cannot be encumbered by the state or regional association, that association should contact the Vice President for Association and Institutional Issues.

Finally, it is requested that the state or regional association contact the assigned representative several months in advance of the association's annual meeting to make arrangements regarding participation in the meeting, to provide information that may be needed to make travel arrangements, and to schedule time away from his/her office. Additional contact by the association should be made approximately one month before the meeting to bring the AACRAO representative up-to-date on final plans for the meeting.