Strategic Framework

1. Prepare AACRAO members to successfully lead their institutions in meeting the challenges of a continually evolving environment.
  • Establish core competencies for professionals in academic and enrollment services.
  • Provide relevant programming and services to AACRAO members and other higher education professionals.
  • Strengthen our focus on compliance, technology, research services and training for the membership.
  • Continually evaluate the relevance, effectiveness, and sustainability of programs and services provided by AACRAO.
2. Identify, develop and promote professional standards in academic and enrollment services. 
  • Identify standards that are critical to the profession and to the membership.
  • Establish a set of desirable best practices topics.
  • Develop professional standards and best practices that significantly impact our profession.
  • Serve as a resource on key industry topics.
3. Advance AACRAO’s leadership in Federal higher education policy development and advocacy.
  • Identify public policy issues for direct involvement, and develop plans of action.
  • Engage the membership in public policy dialogue and understanding.
4. Promote student access and success, and affordability of higher education.
  • Create alignments with other education professional organizations that promote student success in higher education.
  • Engage in relevant activities that support student access and success, and affordability in higher education.
5. Ensure that the Association is structured to promote sustained growth and member engagement.
  • Develop administrative capability to engage members in the life and work of the Association through various communication technologies.
  • Continue leadership with technology initiatives in enrollment and academic services. 
  • Promote the strength of the Association by periodic review of governance and membership.
6. Expand AACRAO’s leadership in the global higher education community.
  • Expand professional development opportunities for the international admissions and credential evaluation professionals, engage with institutional leadership to create research opportunities, and identify best practices for enhancing international student enrollment efforts.
  • Lead research and evaluation efforts related to global education systems.
  • Engage in international initiatives and partnerships whereby AACRAO’s collective expertise contributes to a global dialogue and more effective practices in international education, student exchange, and mobility.
7. Ensure the Association’s resource strength for current and future AACRAO members.
  • Diversify revenue streams to decrease association fiscal risk.
  • Increase net operating revenue to build long-term investments.
  • Ensure the prudent use of resources.
  • Align resources with goals and objectives for the Association.
8. Aspire to be an intentionally inclusive community that values the unique contributions of others.
  • Serve as a strategic leader connecting and advocating for diversity, equity, access, and inclusion within and across higher education.
  • Promote an organizational culture that focuses on diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice strategies to empower educational leaders. 
  • Yearly evaluation of our goals and objectives to ensure we remain cognizant of the relationship between access, equity, diversity, and inclusion as it relates to all activities of the association.