The Parliamentarian serves at the Annual Meeting as an impartial arbiter of the AACRAO Bylaws and Roberts Rules of Orders as a resource to the President as s/he conducts the business meeting.

Prior to the Annual Meeting, the Parliamentarian will meet virtually with the President (or Board as a whole) to discuss items that will come up for vote at the business meeting, and any procedural complexities that may arise. The Parliamentarian is recognized to the membership for their role at the beginning of the business meeting.

At the Business Meeting, the parliamentarian is accessible to the board and President for advisement (front row or on stage). The Parliamentarian may be called upon for advice/counsel by the President or may be called upon by a voting member to make a determination or recommendation on procedure related to the administration of the meeting. For any business of the meeting or votes, s/he will help ensure the accuracy and integrity of the process. In the situation where a vote count is necessary, the Parliamentarian will coordinate with the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee to facilitate N&E’s appropriate collection and counting of the votes.

Deadline: Friday, February 21

  • Attendance at Annual Meeting (not reimbursed)
  • Familiarity with AACRAO ByLaws
  • Understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order

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