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AACRAO Pledge to Support Vulnerable and Displaced Students
We, as members of the higher education community, recognize our responsibility and duty to support access to higher education for all humans, particularly the most vulnerable among us. 

As refugee crises continue to unfold across the globe, students and scholars displaced by conflict and natural disasters need our unflinching advocacy.

We recognize that we are in a unique position to marshal the policies, practices, and resources needed to open the doors to higher education, and we affirm that educated exiles are a boon both to their resettled communities, and to their home countries, where they often serve critical roles in rebuilding after catastrophe. 

Through concerted, collaborative efforts, we pledge to work to reduce the cultural, structural, and financial barriers to higher education and to promote at-risk students’ right to access higher education for the benefit of us all.

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"The U.S. HEI community has been hit with legislative and policy barriers like Presidential Proclamation 9645 (otherwise known as the 'travel ban'), making it difficult to issue student visas or to relax admissions requirements for those fleeing conflict and persecution."

The Inclusive Admissions Policies for Displaced and Vulnerable Students Report explores the situation at hand and provides guidance for those willing to participate.

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