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Learner Attribute Matching Index (LAMI)

The LAMI service can play a key role in providing students with true agency over their credentials and thus access to a brighter future. Join us in making this a reality.

We, as members of the higher education community, acknowledge the challenges and risks associated with the matching of hundreds of millions of learner records exchanged annually in the US alone. We recognize the value of the Learner Attribute Matching Index (LAMI) and a corresponding service to manage it.

We recognize our position in the digital learner ecosystem and request that our colleague institutions and service providers join us in the efforts to implement this simple but critical piece of the infrastructure required to achieve seamless digital learner mobility not only in the US, but worldwide.

Through concerted, collaborative efforts, we pledge to advocate for the creation and use of the LAMI, for the benefit of institution, provider, and learner alike.

left quoteThe American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) is in support of efforts to establish a Learner Attribute Matching Index (LAMI). LAMI has the potential to digitally connect learner records and credentials to enable efficient, secure, and convenient educational data management and exchange across the entire higher education ecosystem. We believe that the higher education community would benefit from reduced cost, improved trust and security, and improved student mobility. The potential to extend LAMI to the needs of the workforce such as human resources systems, training and lifelong earning, and the exchange of other types of certified credentials on behalf of learners and workers presents a tremendous opportunity.right quote
- Michael Reilly, Executive Director, AACRAO

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