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Learner Attribute Matching Index (LAMI)

When SSN is neither viable, comprehensive, or legal, the Learner Attribute Matching Index (LAMI) will digitally link learner records and credentials for efficient, secure, and convenient educational data management across the entire ecosystem of education service providers.

LRMI Ecosystem Art
  • Technical Overview
    • Only machine-readable academic index — expedites the record matching process across artifacts
    • Flexible interface allows participants to be transparently and efficiently invoked in real-time or batch
    • Programmatic compliance with regulatory guidelines
    • Immutable record of academic data is preserved even through changing requirements across institution
    • Does not require learner interaction or maintenance
    • Interacts directly with SIS
    • Only serves the learner
  • Benefits
    • Institutions, SIS vendors, and education service providers can reconcile disparate repositories of learner records at significantly reduced administrative cost and reputational risk 
    • Learners’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is kept cryptographically secure
    • LAMI is designed to be interoperable based on open standards
    • Extensibility accommodates the incorporation of new types and sources of learning records in a rapidly evolving educational landscape (e.g. new assessment methodologies, microdegrees, MOOC activities, new institutions, global expansion of access to education)
    • Integrity and fidelity of accurate and comprehensive learner records are preserved during times of increased student mobility, technology-enhanced education, and service offerings
    • FERPA/GDPR compliant


left quoteThe American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) is in support of efforts to establish a Learner Attribute Matching Index (LAMI). LAMI has the potential to digitally connect learner records and credentials to enable efficient, secure, and convenient educational data management and exchange across the entire higher education ecosystem. We believe that the higher education community would benefit from reduced cost, improved trust and security, and improved student mobility. The potential to extend LAMI to the needs of the workforce such as human resources systems, training and lifelong earning, and the exchange of other types of certified credentials on behalf of learners and workers presents a tremendous opportunity.right quote
- Michael Reilly, Executive Director, AACRAO

LAMI Supporters

“The Learner Record Matching Index represents a key component in an ecosystem that will not only lower barriers for students to transfer between our institutions, but also could enable them to combine and control the disclosure of their educational records and credentials to whomever they wish. The potential of such a shared but trusted service to reduce the cost and enable confidence in electronic exchange of all educational records and credentials is vast.”

Mark McConahay
Associate Vice Provost and Registrar
Indiana University

“Oracle is supportive of the LRMI concept and we are eager to see the plans evolve to  determine how we can support it becoming a reality.”

Geof Corb
Vice President, Customer Success

“This concept is long overdue for education. There is an explosion of new types of educational artifacts being produced in tandem with a demographic that will increasingly seek lifelong learning opportunities. The LRMI has the ability to transform the administrative support process, from assuring prior learning artifact accuracy to focusing on assessing and enabling learner progression.”

Rick Torres
President & CEO
National Student Clearinghouse

“Workday supports efforts that increase institutional effectiveness and reduce barriers for  students, allowing both to focus on the most important goal: learning. Today, Workday delivers a “Universal ID” capability that supports the Learner Record Matching Index model.”

Liz Dietz
Vice President, Student Strategy and
Product Management
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