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Lacking a government body providing guidance or mandated processes for the acceptance of foreign credentials and credits, U.S. higher education institutions (HEIs) maintain a great deal of autonomy. This allows them to make the admissions and transfer credit decisions that best fit their type, size, mission, and level.

Without official regulation, HEIs follow standards of best practice such as those published in AACRAO EDGE. These resources provide general guidelines, placement recommendations, and best practices to help HEIs make admissions decisions that place international students accurately, fairly, and support their academic success.

However, as technology removes the barriers to academic mobility, HEIs must question if the U.S. international admissions and credential evaluation community can and should maintain this unstructured way of working.


Regulated Autonomy: Global Recognition through the U.S. Lens

JUN 10, 2019
AACRAO International invites all higher education professionals whose job responsibilities touch any part of the international admissions process to Washington, D.C. for AACRAO's Fall Symposium to answer the question - Is Global Recognition possible? If possible, is it necessary?