Transfer & Articulation



  • A Guide to Best Practices: Awarding Transfer and Prior Learning Credit
    This document describes expectations and best practices for post-secondary institutions’ work with transfer credits. These guidelines are intended to assist and advise--not prescribe--member colleges and universities in this work. Released 10.18.2017
  • AACRAO 2016 Academic Record and Transcript Guide
    For over 70 years AACRAO has provided up-to-date guidance and best practices on keeping, protecting, and disseminating student records and transcript information. The AACRAO 2016 Academic Record and Transcript Guide continues this trend, aiding registrars in their task of preserving the integrity of their institution’s academic records.
  • Transfer Credit Practices of Designated Educational Institutions 2015 (TCP)
    This publication presents a voluntary exchange of information regarding practices for acceptance of transfer credit. This publication reports the transfer acceptance practices of one flagship institution in each state regarding credit awarded by other colleges and universities in that state. AACRAO has established and maintained this voluntary medium of information exchange for over 80 years in order to provide crucial information to colleges and universities to determine their own transfer credit practices.