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Guidance on the Review of the Comprehensive Learner Records (CLR) Standard from IMS Global

Released in 2020 to provide guidance on the standardization of CLRs for transmission to employers or other higher education institutions or licensing agencies.

CAS Standards for Registrar Services

Released in 2020, The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) revised standards, delineated expectations for practitioners and educators in related functional areas, and updated to the standards published in the 2019 edition.

Student Identity

Released in 2019, to provide guidance for AACRAO members and their institutions on serving transgender students and students who wish to update their gender marker, change their legal name, use a chosen name, or designate a pronoun.

Transcript Disciplinary Notations: Guidance to AACRAO Members

Released in 2017 in response to growing interest from AACRAO members, new and proposed state legislation, and the increasing public accountability of colleges and universities.
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