S5E7 - Transfer Guides (and More!)

Doug McKenna |
September 20, 2022
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Transfer Guides (and More!)

Improving the transfer experience for students is a high priority for a lot of institutions, and nationally making transfer better is a huge conversation. In this episode, we hear from a faculty member from the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Lauren Schudde, who has conducted research on the transfer process from a 2-year institution to a 4-year institution. In a lively discussion that ranges from systemic inequality to transfer articulations to football weekends, we hear some recommendations for registrars offices and others across institutions about ways to guide transfer students through the process.   

Key Takeaways:

  • Transfer students need easy access to publicly accessible (and student-focused) transfer guides that help them determine how the transferability and applicability of their earned credits will advance them toward the goal of earning a bachelor’s degree.  

  • Registrar’s offices are often responsible for significant parts of a holistic transfer guide: the coding of the degree audit, and the production of the institution’s Catalog. Incorporating accurate, up-to-date requirements and policies in a transfer guide is critical for transfer students who might be researching potential transfer destinations.

  • True change with regards to improving the transfer process will need to be a comprehensive adjustment of people’s understanding about their responsibilities, the role they play in the process for their institution and in support of transfer students, and may require policy/legislative remedies. 

  • Transfer is a huge topic and to better address all of the various topics relating to transfer, AACRAO will be launching a brand new podcast this fall called The Transfer Tea, hosted by Loida Utley. Look for it later this fall!    


Sarah Reed, Registrar
University of California Hastings College of the Law

Doug McKenna, University Registrar
George Mason University


Dr. Lauren Schudde
Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy
University of Texas at Austin

Additional Resources:

AACRAO Re-Envisioning Transfer

Schudde, L., Bicak, I., & Meghan, S. (2022). Getting to the core of credit transfer: How do pre-transfer core credits predict baccalaureate attainment for community college transfer students? Educational Policy. https://doi.org/10.1177/08959048211049415 

Schudde, L., Jabbar, H., Epstein, E., & Yucel, E. (2021). Students’ sense making of higher education policies during the vertical transfer process. American Educational Research Journal, 58(5), 921–953. https://doi.org/10.3102/00028312211003050 

Core Competencies and Professional Proficiencies:

Transfer & Articulation

Interpretation and Application of Institutional and External Data

Holistic and Systemic Thinking