S3E10: Access Equity Inclusion in Practice

Doug McKenna |
January 29, 2021
  • Diversity and Inclusion
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Access Equity Inclusion in Practice

In a conversation with two members of the AACRAO Black Caucus, this episode focuses on the practical applications and implications of equity and inclusion work. Along the way we talk about the work of the Black Caucus (and caucuses in general), ways the pandemic has challenged registrar’s offices and students alike, and ways that you can begin to engage with diversity, equity, and inclusion work. It’s critical to make space for challenging conversations, and to give grace during those conversations.

Key Takeaways:

  • The responsibility for creating an inclusive environment lies with each of us; don’t wait for someone to tell you to work on it.
  • The registrar’s office can be a powerful agent for inclusive change on campus given the breadth of interactions with students, forms, policies, practices, and as the steward of student academic data.
  • AACRAO caucuses are a great way for members to get connected with affinity groups for networking, support, and advocacy.
  • Take the AACRAO Black Caucus’ Pledge for Social Justice 

Philip Hunt, University Registrar
North Dakota State University

Elissa Thoman, Registrar Services Coordinator
University of Iowa

References and Additional Information:
AACRAO Signature Initiative - Black Lives Matter

AACRAO Caucuses

AACRAO Advocacy Center

Anti-Racism Resources:

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