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Hosted by Doug McKenna
C-Host Sarah Reed

Music composed by Doug McKenna
Music performed by Doug McKenna and Andrew Brenner  Creative Commons License

licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

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Previous Episodes

S5E5: Project Management for Registrars | 11/15/2022

The modern registrar’s office moves readily from one project to the next in our work to support student success and provide outstanding service to the university community. Employing best practices from a project management framework can go a long way to making those projects run more smoothly, efficiently, and more successfully.

  • Doug McKenna
  • S4E8: Moving from a Small School to a Big School | 11/15/2022

    There are many different types of institutions of higher education in the United States, and making a shift from a small institution to a large institution can feel daunting or even overwhelming.

  • Doug McKenna
  • S4E3: The Academic Calendar | 11/15/2022

    The way the academic year has been structured has changed over time, and will likely continue to change, but registrars will remain front and center in the management of the academic calendar.

  • Doug McKenna
  • S3E13: Connect | Educate | Advocate | 11/15/2022

    In this episode of For the Record, two members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Caucus share their sentiments about the current spate of racist rhetoric and violence and explore ways that higher education professionals can support our affected students, faculty, and staff.

  • Doug McKenna
  • S2E2: Get to Know Your State and Regional Association | 11/15/2022

    AACRAO is a national professional association, but did you know that there are state and regional associations as well?

  • Doug McKenna
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