SEM-EP Accommodating Learners During COVID-19

March 8, 2021
  • SEM-EP
  • Webinars
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AACRAO recently had to rethink its in-person field visit curriculum requirement due to the pandemic.

First, at the beginning of the pandemic, we provided a listing of COVID-19 and higher ed related webinars that could be viewed (180 minutes worth) and written up as a field visit alternative.  Most of our learners took advantage of this alternative and we learned a lot from what they told us.

As the pandemic continued, we got creative and worked with our AACRAO-member colleges and universities and asked them to host a group virtual field visit -- covering 6 hours of content for our current SEM-EP learners.

Our first virtual visit kicked off on February 2-3, hosted by Darcy Briggs (SEM-EP graduate) at Arapahoe Community College.  It was an instant success and an excellent pilot for us.  See below for some of the initial comments.  We had 15 SEM-EP learners participate.

“Thank you SO much, Darcy. This has been really interesting and helpful. Everyone was so lovely.” - Cynthia Grunden

“This has been such a great experience.  Thank you so much!!” -   Rocky Christensen

“Thanks, Darcy and Christopher. This site visit was very informative. Darcy, if we could ever partner (MSU Denver) would love to connect!” -  Mary Sauceda (She, Ella) MSU Denver

Our group virtual field visit was hosted by the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor on February 24.  Also, Brigham Young University-Idaho is also planning to host a virtual field visit for SEM-EP as they have many SEM-EP graduates working on their campus.



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