SEM Endorsement Program announces scholarship and seeks evaluators

March 17, 2019
Brad Personal Photo

Big things are happening with AACRAO's Strategic Enrollment Management professional endorsement program, SEM-EP.

Scholarship announcement
To ensure that the SEM Endorsement is accessible to members, AACRAO has launched partial scholarships to defray the cost of tuition for the program, especially for learners whose college or university does not have the financial means to pay for this professional development. Find program details and the scholarship application here.

"We are excited to support the continued professional development of our members through these new scholarships," said Dr. Christopher Tremblay, Director of the SEM Endorsement Program. "We hope this increases access to the endorsement program and this unique educational opportunity."

Congratulations to SEM-EP's 25th graduate!
AACRAO is proud to honor all SEM-EP endorsement holders, but this year we passed a major milestone with the graduation of our 25th participant, Brad Hales, Data Management and Planning Officer, BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

According to Hales, networking with and learning from like-minded professionals was one of the biggest benefits of the program.

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to visit other campuses and spend the day talking about their operations and how they handle enrollment management," Hales said. "I also learned a lot from the literature review [capstone project]. It was a great excuse to jump into the literature; it forced me to take time to read and I've been able to apply the principles I learned."

Hales joins his distinguished colleagues on the SEM-EP National Registry. 

Call for Evaluators: responsibilities and qualifications
As SEM-EP grows and evolves, AACRAO seeks members to join as Evaluators, who will volunteer for one year, beginning in May. Using an established rubric, Evaluators review and provide feedback on Field Visit Reports, Webinar Reports, and Capstone Projects.

Evaluators must have a master’s degree and at least 10 years of enrollment management experience. Specialist or doctorate degree preferred. Experience teaching at the college level is preferred, but not necessary.

To apply, send your 1-2 page resume/vita and a short cover letter detailing your interest and highlighting your qualifications by March 30, 2019, to Applicants will be notified by late April.