New Federal Legislative Process and Advocacy Course Launches

September 7, 2021
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Later this month, AACRAO will host its first virtual Hill Day. Thirty-five AACRAO advocates from 20 states will meet with over 55 congressional offices, including many with members who sit on the House and Senate education committees.

Meet our 2021 Hill Day Advocates

In preparation for the meetings, attendees will participate in online training, including AACRAO’s new on-demand Federal Legislative Process and Advocacy 101 course. The course, which is open and free to all AACRAO members, provides a breakdown of the federal legislative process; helpful insights on how to set up and prepare for meetings with your representatives; and tools to help State & Regional organizations engage with both state and federal issues while remaining in federal compliance. 

Other Hill Day training sessions will take deeper dives into the advocacy process:

  • What to Expect for Hill Day – highlights what to expect during meetings with Congressional representatives and reviews AACRAO’s legislative priorities, including the Reverse Transfer Efficiency Act and other FERPA updates, the campaign to #DoublePell, and the DREAM Act.

  • Mock Zoom Interview – demonstrates the typical flow of a meeting with Congressional staffers and how to address issues that may arise during those conversations.

  • Panel Discussion with Congressional Staffers – Hill staffers answer frequently asked questions and provide advice for both first-time and seasoned advocates.

  • Insights into Higher Education – offers advocates a chance to hear from an individual from the press on some of the latest issues affecting college campuses.

Your Voice Can Make a Difference

Learn more about how you can engage in advocacy. Access the on-demand Federal Legislative Process and Advocacy 101 course and visit AACRAO's Advocacy Center to learn about issues we support.

You can also explore AACRAO’s mini-series of courses in the Compliance Corner, which provide an overview of federal statutory and regulatory requirements that often fall under the purview of the registrar, admissions, or enrollment services offices on campus. Topics include FERPA Basics, GDPR vs FERPA, Solomon Amendment, Clery Act Basics, Voter Registration, Constitution Day, and Decennial Census.