Moving on up

September 18, 2018
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41739966_2038188432892853_2405975730723749888_o Last week the AACRAO Board of Directors welcomed AACRAO staff to their new office in downtown Washington, D.C. after 48 years on Dupont Circle. After a three year search and a four month build-out, this new location is in a historic district with both the White House and the Washington Monument in view. 

The newly outfitted building houses office spaces on the bottom floors with condominiums higher up and is easily accessible via the four of the six city metro lines. This move was a big change for the AACRAO staff but is quickly proving to be beneficial. The open floor plan boasts 27 offices, a conference room, three “Huddle” meeting spaces, and open meeting spaces making it more conducive to the collaborative working habits of the AACRAO staff.

"If you are in DC and would like to tour the new office, please don't hesitate to reach out to Membership," said Martha Henebry, Director of Operations, Membership, & Publications. "We will be happy to show you around!"