Moving from Observer to Participant

March 22, 2022
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Those who view leadership development as critical to success, in turn, deliver top performance compared to their peers and successfully make a measurable impact.  

Are you making an impact?

Like other fields, the world of higher education is experiencing exceptional transformation. This time of disruption opens the doors for those willing to step forward and be an instrument of change and innovation as the weaknesses of historical systems begin to crack and compound. Volunteer associations like AACRAO provide a unique opportunity for those who may not be empowered at their institution to access development opportunities, mentorship relationships, and the like. This time of disruption is your opportunity to step forward from observer to participant and find your means of measurable impact.

Find your place.

AACRAO is the change it’s asking you to be. We see the opportunity and have goals in place to position the association as a mechanism of implementing success and measuring impact. Join AACRAO leadership at the 2022 Virtual Town Hall on March 25 to learn more about these plans and lay the groundwork for your next steps.

Contribute to the body of knowledge.

The AACRAO Research Advisory Board supports AACRAO Research with survey design feedback and survey ideation. It is also a source of practice expertise for inquiries from members. One of its newest members, Gavin Hamms, is interested in furthering research that has a panoptic view and pushing the limits of the unknown.

I applied for the Research Advisory Board because I am intrigued with the idea of answering questions that can help lead to a groundbreaking change in Higher Ed and Society. -Gavin Hamms

Henrietta Romero, our other new Research Advisory Board Member, is interested in furthering research that highlights marginalized students from diverse groups and low-income, rural areas.

I want to improve my research portfolio by also giving back to the AACRAO community. - Henrietta Romero

Gavins and Romero join a team of seven who select the recipient of the AACRAO Research Grant. This grant supports the pursuit of advanced degrees among AACRAO members and stimulates thought, discussion, and research on emerging higher education enrollment management topics. Learn more about AACRAO Research Opportunities.

Learn by teaching.

Years of study continue to show that the Protégé Effect – learning by teaching – is the life-long learner's friend. This pedagogy emphasizes that 

  • teaching basic skills to novices can help you refine and master those skills yourself,

  • explaining important procedures can help you remember those procedures better yourself, and 

  • explaining concepts that you’re interested in to people who aren’t familiar with them can help you improve your understanding of those concepts.

Join the AACRAO Content & Curriculum team as faculty for online and in-person courses focused on basic skills and knowledge in registrar or admissions functions to courses that help participants advance in their careers. Those selected receive a small honorarium per course section taught.

The opportunities to get involved with AACRAO do not stop here. As you take the step forward from observer to participant, you make the decision to be a body of change in our community. We welcome you with open arms.


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