Leading high-performance teams in a SEM environment

July 23, 2018
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GettyImages-859160192 A successful SEM organization is based on building and maintaining a high-performance team, according to Monique Perry, assistant vice president for enrollment services at York Technical College. This, she writes in the latest issue of SEMQ, requires a focus on organizational culture. 

“When organizations dive into performance management by strictly implementing new systems and plans without a focus on the culture, they may experience incremental success but miss out on the sustainable momentum and productivity outcomes that a culture-based focus enables,” Perry writes. “Never underestimate the importance of the time and effort spent on culture development.”

In her article, part of an ongoing SEMQ series highlighting women in leadership, Perry discusses her experience as part of York’s core leadership team during its implementation of SEM and performance culture–shifting efforts.  She notes the importance of defining a high-performance team as well as having a principled leader, an expectation of excellence, a collaborative climate, a results-driven structure, establishing a clear goal, competent team members, and support and recognition.  

Perry also addresses how to manage performance challenges within a SEM organization as well as maintaining performance and SEM momentum. 

Other articles in the July 2018 issue include: 
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