#AACRAO19 as seen on social media

April 29, 2019
  • AACRAO Annual Meeting
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At this year's Annual Meeting, our members were more engaged than ever, with a 107% increase in engagement. Unlike in the past, many members eschewed the messaging board on AACRAO’s meeting app Engage, previously a popular venue for sharing, in favor of platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Let's look back and see what attendees were talking about.  


Hot topics like the admissions scandal and policy discussions dominated #AACRAO19. Many members live-tweeted through our plenaries and sessions, offering insights and interacting virtually in real time. (Find us on Twitter.)

Popular tweets included:

  1. “There are numerous ways in which an institution can work with a credential evaluation service to assist displaced students without official or verifiable documentation.” You can join #AACRAOPledgeforEducation tomorrow and implement these ways. #A26BP #EducationinEmergencies

  2. Our #admissionsscandal panel at #AACRAO19 is currently taking place. Let us know your thoughts 👇

  3. While #IntlStudents make up only 5.5% of #HigherEd, they bring $557 million and 5,900 jobs to the District of Columbia. https://t.co/Q1FVLB2FAp#YouAreWelcomeHere #WelcomeToSucceed


Facebook engagement tended to be more geared toward fun and sentimentality, with the “twins” photo (below) gaining over 100 likes, and our yearly recap video getting almost 500 views. (Like AACRAO on Facebook.)

Our most-liked items included:

  1. A pair of "twins" at our first timer's reception--and no, they didn't plan this! #AACRAO19

2. It was a great year, AACRAO. https://www.facebook.com/AACRAO/videos/1193269764167897/

3. #FBF to last year's Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. #AACRAO19 is on Sunday and we can't wait to see all of you there!


On the professional platform, followers loved the #MyAACRAO shared Instagram handle, where a member blogs about their day, posting photos and video. (Interested in hosting? Email communications@aacrao.org.) Our sample of the international policy paper on vulnerable and displaced students also spurred member curiosity. (Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.)

Top items included:

  1. Our #MyAACRAO Instagram will have three different holders over the course of #AACRAO19. Tune in tomorrow to see the behind the scenes of our Membership & Publications team! www.instagram.com/myaacrao

  2. Yesterday you saw our very own Membership and Publications team taking over the #MyAACRAO handle, showing the behind the scene for setting up. Today, AACRAO Board member Tiffany Robinson is assuming the mantle. Follow www.instagram.com/myaacrao now.

  3. Our international policy paper drops tomorrow. “This lack of access to official, verifiable documentation often results in many students unable to prove their past academic work, and they may need to start all over. This is a highly disheartening prospect to well-educated displaced students who face years and thousands of dollars having to essentially re-do their education.” Enrich your institution by joining #AACRAOPledgeforEducation. #A26BP#EducationinEmergencies https://bit.ly/2OoQhSz