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October 8, 2019
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Emails come by the dozen (or the hundred) to your inbox every day. But how many of them do you actually read? Like the students you're trying to reach, you have multiple communication and media options -- and some are better than others at reaching their target audience. 

AACRAO strives to keep you informed of professional development opportunities and networked with your most relevant colleagues. We know you're busy, and email is not always the best avenue for receiving AACRAO updates.  That’s why we also using social media to communicate timely, interesting, and important information.

Join our online community

Here are some of the ways we utilize social media platforms, with links to our accounts:

  • Instagram: If you’re wondering what AACRAO is up to in terms of events and staff, this is the place to check. But did you know that we have a community handle for our members? Meet MyAACRAO , our other Instagram account run by you. Our members will hold the handle for the day, introducing you to their campus and highered routine. Get to know your peers. Live in their virtual shoes for the day. And if you want, you can sign up to be the next holder. Follow both accounts today. 
  • LinkedIn : The place where we show off all the great work our members do in regards to their professional development. Are you advocating on Capitol Hill, part of our Caucuses or taking part in the 2019 BW Seminar? We’ll share a member badge (with your permission) that you can then share on your own page. You work hard - get recognized for it. We also share reminders about upcoming events, registration for meetings, webinars and reports and more. Stay in the loop by liking our page.
  • Facebook : The online forum. From news articles that we think are worth your attention to candid activities of our members at events and their achievements at their institutions, this is the place to check up on your peers. Don’t want to miss the newest episode of For The Record? With the same reminders about upcoming events and need to know releases, we’ve got your back. We also share member badges on here too - get the kudos from your family and friends on your accomplishments.
  • Twitter : #EMchat, #FAchat, and more. This is the place to discuss your thoughts on the breaking edge topics in higher education. Curious about what’s taking place at events real time? Follow our hashtags for our Annual Meeting (#AM2020) and more. Join the conversation today. Follow us now.