AACRAO announces Criminal and Disciplinary History in Admissions Work Group

July 24, 2018
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The removal of criminal record(s) questions from the admissions application is a conversation currently taking place not only on campus but among legislators on both the State and National level.

After putting out a call for volunteers in March, AACRAO selected the following to members and partner organizations to do the following:

  • Develop guidance concerning the use of student criminal history in the college admissions process.

  • Review the Disciplinary Notations Guide in order to develop guidance related to the receipt of student transcripts with disciplinary notations or other notifications of disciplinary infractions at previous institutions.

The group is expected to have a draft report ready for a review by the AACRAO Board in June 2019. Group members are as follows:

Tammy Aagard*, University of Florida

Philip Ballinger (Co-Chair), University of Washington
Hans Cooper, Johns Hopkins University
Kelly Gualtieri, Maine Maritime Academy
Louis Hunt, North Carolina State University
Kim Johnston, National Association of College Admissions Counseling
Jamie Jorgensen, National Association of College and University Attorneys
Lee Melvin (Co-Chair), University of Buffalo
Cassandra Moore, Anne Arundel Community College
Adam Nelson, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Bart Quinnet, Vanderbilt University
Katie Severens, University of Georgia
Sherry Wells, Lamar University
Maureen Woods, University of Illinois at Chicago
Laura Yager, California State University, Fresno