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How is your college putting purpose first?

Jan 18, 2019, 13:02 PM
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Summary : Learn about AACRAO's vision for "starting with the dream in mind" and share your stories.
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AACRAO and five other nonprofit organizations have jointly authored a report articulating their "Shared Beliefs and Practices for Putting Purpose First in Higher Education."

Together with NACADA, Complete College America, NACA, NASPA, and NCDA, AACRAO helped to shape "a shared vision for incorporating early career exploration and academic planning into the student onboarding experience."

"Far too often, today’s college students find themselves wandering through their academic experiences, choosing from amongst a dizzying array of majors, courses, and out-of-classroom learning experiences," the authors write. However, research shows that too much choice can be paralyzing and costly. 

The report, published in October 2018, provides a guiding framework, actionable steps, real-world implementation examples, and outlines the following shared beliefs: 

I. Higher education should be a launching pad toward a meaningful career, empowering
students with the knowledge to make informed choices, the structures to explore available
opportunities, and the tools needed for success.

II. Career exploration and planning must be intentional and start early in the educational experience.

III. States, systems and institutions must build a culture of purpose across all tiers in higher education, including education policy makers, administrators, faculty, staff, and amongst their students.

Share how your campus is using Purpose First to empower career exploration and student success: #PurposeFirst.

Stay informed and help us shape the Purpose First initiative.
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