The Electronic Database for Global Education (EDGE) is a valuable resource for evaluating educational credentials earned in foreign systems, whether the purpose is ultimately for admission into an institution of higher learning in the U.S., to obtain employment, to establish visa eligibility, or to qualify for additional professional qualifications.

When education standards change, new credentials are awarded, or foreign education systems are reorganized, AACRAO EDGE utilizes the expertise of the International Education Standards Council (IESC) to review and update our recommendations. The Council is composed of professionals who have worked in higher education as well as private credential evaluation firms, so you can be confident that the recommendations presented are appropriate, thorough and representative of the varied viewpoints held within higher education.

AACRAO EDGE's online format allows for dynamic updates when education systems/credentials change.  You can see a list of current updates at AACRAO International. We continually research and update each of the following sections, included with each educational system profile:

  • An overview of each country’s educational system
  • An educational ladder detailing the progression from credential to credential
  • Common grading scales used within the country
  • Academic credentials offered by the country, including what credentials are previously required in order to obtain said credential
  • Subsequent credentials that could be earned based on a given track
  • Placement recommendations (for comparability in U.S. system)
  • Postsecondary institutions within a given country
  • Resources used to develop the profile that supplement the profile with additional information
  • Glossary containing terms unique to a country’s educational system
  • Notes on the Author of the profile