C&U Vol. 93 / No. 2, Spring 2018

May 2018

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Table of Contents

When Less is Not More: Recovery After a Decline In the Size of the Freshman Class at Private Small Liberal Arts Colleges by Robert J. Gitter, Faith MacDonald and Daniel Greenleaf
Reverse and Horizontal Transfer-Out Behavior at Four-Year Institutions by Terry Ishitani and Lee Flood

Mentorship Series
Mentoring Millennials: Perceptions and Analysis by Rajeev Jayadeva
Giving back to the Profession: Reflections Related to Mentoring Support and Success by Randall Langston
Can a Campus-Wide Faculty Mentorship Program Improve Student Success? by Jacquelyn D. Elliott
Choose Wisely: The Dark Side of Mentoring by Monique Perry

Research in Brief
AACRAO Research Year in Review by Wendy Kilgore
Education in Afghanistan: A Historical Review and Diagnosis by Mariam Alamyar
Financial Aid Policies and Practices as Impediments to Low-Income Student Access to Higher Education by Brad Pulcini

College Funding Specialists by Christopher Tremblay
Creating a Digital Credential Strategy by Rodney Parks, Jesse Parrish and Alexander Taylor

Book Reviews
A Home is Not a House, Place Not Race: A New Vision of Opportunity in America
Parenting to a Degree: How Family Matters for College Women’s Success
Practice for Life: Making Decisions in College
Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning
Reviewed by Stephen J. Handel, Matthew Fifolt