C&U Vol. 92 / No. 2, Spring 2017

March 2017

Table of Contents

Have You Been Oriented? An Analysis of New Student Orientation and E-Orientation Programs at U.S. Community Colleges by Matthew Chan
Recruiting Undocumented Students: A Qualitative Analysis of College Admission Counselors’ Experiences  by Erwin Hesse 

Mentorship Series
Reflections on the Hard Work of Mentorship by Marlo Waters
Using Mentoring to Encourage Others (and Ourselves) by Julia Pomerenk Heather Chermak
The Power of Many: Mentoring Networks for Growth and Development by Lynn Wild, Anne Marie Canale, Cheryl Herdklotz

Equity and Access: Strengthening College Gateway Programs with Credentials by Rodney Parks, Jesse Parrish and Melissa Holmes 
Reigniting the Promise of the Transfer Pathway by Stephen Handel  
Campus Viewpoint
Graduation Certification—Too Late to Graduate! by Mark Doman 

Research in Brief
AACRAO Research: A Year in Review 2016 by Wendy Kilgore 
Holistic Admissions in the Health Professions: Strategies for Leaders by Nancy T. Artinian, Betty M. Drees, Greer Glazer, Kevin Harris, Lon S. Kaufman, Naty Lopez, Jennifer C. Danek, and Julia Michaels  

Book Reviews
A Guide to Leadership and Management in Higher Education: Managing across the Generations
Follow Your Interests to Find the Right College
Palace of Ashes: China and the Decline of American Higher Education
China’s Rising Research Universities: A New Era of Global Ambition
Reviewed by Brad Pulcini , Marguerite J. Dennis, and Matthew Fifolt