Todd Audyatis

Associate Dean of Admission for Community Outreach, Bridgewater State University

Todd Audyatis is the Associate Dean of Admission at Bridgewater State University.  He serves as an intrapreneur, collaborating across university silos in the development, implementation and leadership of innovative data-driven outreach to prospective undergraduates and their families, high school counselors, non-profit partners and alumni.  Todd has more than two decades of public higher education experience in admission, advancement and as an aspiring academic.

SEM-EP Capstone Project - The College Choice Criteria of African American Students is a literature review that examines research into the criteria used by African American students when selecting which college to attend.  These articles were selected because they speak to the debate of whether admissions should recruit prospective African American students as a separate segment or as part of a mainstream enrollment effort. 

AACRAO Connect Article: "Understanding the college choice process among underrepresented students"