Michelle Kelley

Photograph of Michelle Kelley.


I have served on the State & Regionals Committee as a member, co-chair, and chairperson over the last several years.  During my time on the committee, I have enjoyed our role of bringing leaders from state/regional organizations together to share their best practices and innovative ideas.  It been exhilarating to learn new ideas from so many; but honestly, the best part has been meeting and getting to know such wonderful people from institutions all over the country (and sometimes beyond).

I value the professional growth I acquire by participating in AACRAO Leadership.  It's a great opportunity for me personally and also a way for me to help keep the organization stay strong by participating as an active member.  I am ready for a new experience in the organization, and am honored to have been nominated for a position on the Nominations & Elections Committee.  If chosen, I will give my full energy to the tasks presented to identify future nominees to leadership positions.

My involvement at the national level with AACRAO and at the state level at president-elect, president, past-president, and member of the Nominations & Award Committee of Wisconsin ACRAO (WACRAO), I've learned that what appears to be easy in terms of running an organization is anything but -- it takes a great deal of time and dedication by a lot of people to keep the organizations thriving, and for beneficial conferences and annual meetings to happen every year.  I hope I will be chosen to continue my small part to keep AACRAO strong.