Lee Furbeck

Executive Director, Admissions at Central Michigan University

2020 AACRAO Elections - VP at Large Candidate

Although I have a long history of leadership and activity with AACRAO, but I have never found myself at the right place and time to commit to a role such as this – until now. Higher education has and will continue to face a myriad of challenges and opportunities.  As an experienced enrollment professional and a big-picture thinker with strong analytical skills, I have the qualities necessary to help guide us through the uncertainties while capitalizing on the possibilities.  I am excited about the prospect of engaging with AACRAO leadership and members to continue the important work of the organization, moving toward the next chapter in higher education.

AACRAO is seeking an experienced enrollment professional with a commitment to student success, an ability to balance competing demands, and strong collaborative skills that can be deployed to benefit the membership, lead the way in promoting higher education policy, and develop resources for higher education professionals. With twenty years as a mid-level/senior leader in admissions, transfer, and enrollment management and a proven track record of service to the organization, I am ready to serve.  Over the years, I have come to appreciate all that AACRAO has done and continues to do in service of higher education and our profession.  I look forward to contributing my time and knowledge to the AACRAO membership as Vice President at Large.