Katherine Norris

Photograph of Katherine Norris

Registrar at North Central College

The N&E Committee performs a vital role for AACRAO in selecting the best of the best to lead our organization. As members of the higher education community, we all know how valuable it is to give back to our peers, which is one of the many reasons to have joined AACRAO. The opportunity to give back by selecting from the many talented and engaged members who wish to participate in AACRAO in the capacity of a board member is a commitment not to be taken lightly and one that I would be honored to take on. As President of Illinois-ACRAO, I knew the value of having engaged members participate in the running of the organization and planning of events. As a committee chair with AACRAO, I’ve felt the impact when engagement was lacking or leadership was waning. My goal as a member of N&E is to ensure that our organization continues to thrive as a result of passionate and gifted leaders.