Ana Villavicencio

Photo of Ana Villavicencio.

EducationUSA REAC South America – Andean Region

Ana Villavicencio is a Regional Educational Advising Coordinator (REAC) with EducationUSA, based in Quito-Ecuador. She manages the Andean Region portfolio (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela) providing training and support to over 40 advisers in 39 EducationUSA advising centers. Before becoming a REAC, she was the senior EducationUSA adviser at the Fulbright Commission in Quito. Prior to working for EducationUSA, Ana was the international relations adviser for SENESCYT, a government institution in Ecuador that oversees the country’s higher education and scientific development. Ana has also worked for a U.S. think tank, as a program officer, managing programs on increasing U.S.-Asia strategic relations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in international relations and environmental studies, a master’s in political science, and an MPA from U.S. universities.