Signature Initiatives

Our Work

  • Our Work

    Since 1910, AACRAO members have shepherded learning records to document and recognize learning and skills while managing the related institutional systems. As guardians of data and record integrity, AACRAO and its members have developed and pride themselves on their reputation of neutrality and integrity.

  • Learning Mobility

    As guardians of data and record integrity with direct contact to faculty, students and academia, AACRAO members are in a pivotal position to address the barriers to implementation of policies and practices aimed at alleviating issues related to transfer, credit mobility, and recognition of learning.

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  • Our Story

    AACRAO is more than just a professional association; our members, history, and dedication to student success and learning mobility are at the heart of our story. Recording and sharing our members' stories is a vital aspect of our association, and we take great pride in this work.

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laptop sitting on a desk near a window with a calendar and notepad next to the laptop

Re-Envisioning Transfer - A Look Back at 2021

Dec 27, 2021

A review of changes, advancements, and progress made towards Re-Envisioning Transfer in 2021