• Admissions Career Path Work Group

    Candace Boeninger
    Associate Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management and Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Ohio University

    Angela Brockelsby
    Associate Vice Provost for Communications, Marketing and Outreach - Enrollment Management and Services, NC State University

    Charles Carabello
    Assoc. Dir. for Admissions & Enrollment, The University of Georgia

    Tania Castaneda
    Associate Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate Admissions, Rutgers University - New Brunswick

    James Coker
    Associate Director of Operations, East Carolina University

    Lisa Dougherty
    Dean of Enrollment Services, Hudson County Community College

    Nathan Fuerst
    AVP of Enrollment and Director of Admissions, University of Connecticut

    Rachelle Hernandez
    Senior Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, The University of Texas at Austin

    Song Hoffman
    Director of International Admissions, University of Delaware

    Jessica Jaramillo
    Director of Admissions, New Mexico Highlands University

    Gwen Kanelos
    Asst. Vice President of Enrollment, Concordia University Chicago

    Tiffani Robertson
    Associate Director of Admissions, Governors State University

    Heather Shalley
    Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Moody Bible Institute

    Nancy Walsh
    Director of Admissions Operations, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


  • Criminal & Disciplinary History in Admissions Work Group


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  • State and Regional Guide Work Group

    Patrick Frazier
    Associate Director of Admissions, Western Carolina University

    Karen J. Beckett
    University Registrar, University of Miami

    Sarah Boswell
    Director of Admissions, Jefferson College of Health Sciences

    Kelley Christman
    Registrar, Aims Community College

    Julie Fell
    Senior Associate Registrar, University of Iowa

    Amy Gleason
    Assistant Registrar, Duke University

    Carol Ann Harrison
    Registrar, College of Southern Maryland

    Rajeev Jayadeva
    Asst. Director, Nassau Community College

    Carrie Jeffers
    Director/Registrar, Enrollment Services, Macomb Community College

    Mary Kincannon
    Registrar, Texas Christian University

    Patricia Mathay
    University Registrar, University of Pittsburgh - Main Campus

    Hope Reynolds
    Sr. Director of Enrollment Management & Assistant Registrar, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

    Steven E Smith
    University Registrar, Adelphi University

    Tara Walor
    Executive Director, Student Services, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Student Identity Work Group


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  • Student Success Work Group

    Rosalind Alderman
    Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, St Mary's University

    Tim Amyx
    Director of Admissions & College Registrar, Volunteer State Community College

    Marquettia Bivens
    Associate Registrar, Walden University

    Elaine Bromfield
    Registrar, Tuskegee University

    Holly Diamond
    Executive Director of Enrollment Services and Registrar, Henry Ford College

    Carl Einhaus
    Senior Director of Student Success & Academic Affairs, Colorado Department of Higher Education

    Lisa Holstrom
    Senior Assistant Dean, University of Cincinnati

    Rebecca Lambert
    Dean of Academic Services and Registrar, John Brown University

    Evan Montague
    Executive Director, Office of Student Success, Central Michigan University

    Heather Pritchard
    Assistant Registrar, Muskingum University

    Bianca Thompson-Owen
    Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management, Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences


  • Veterans Reporting Work Group


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