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Tyler Williams

Director of Admissions at Brigham Young University -Idaho

2017 SEM-EP Graduate

Over 15 years of Student Services experience in Higher Education Administration for a four-year non-profit private university with a residential enrollment over 18,000 students. Currently serving as Director of Admissions leading a team responsible for recruitment and marketing strategy, processing and policy development, enrollment counseling, along with team building and development. Other significant experience includes financial aid counseling and processing, scholarship policy and awarding, statistical analysis, enrollment management, leadership, and collaborative decision making.

  • Capstone Project - “Managing for Outcomes” was a literature review that explored topics related to consistently achieving meaningful outcomes while learning strategies to get a competitive edge in attracting and enrolling students.
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Toni Y. Woolfork-Barnes

Director of the Office of Student Transitions at Western Michigan University

2017 SEM-EP Graduate

Dr. Toni Woolfork-Barnes currently serves as Director of First-Year Experience (FYE) Programs at Western Michigan University. Steeped in higher education experience, Dr. Barnes has worked for Western Michigan University for most of her career. She has been the Director of the federally funded Upward Bound Trio Program; Director of the King-Chavez-Parks Program; Research Associate for Science and Mathematics Program Improvement; an evaluation consultant; grant writer, and an adjunct instructor.

  • Capstone Project - “Seven-Year (2007-2013) Retention Study on Students Enrolled in Thematic and Non-Thematic First-Year Experience Seminar Courses” For more than 30 years, John Gardner has elevated the discussion about the importance of student success in the first-year of college, with a heightened emphasis on first-year seminar courses and their value. Many colleges and universities offer some version of a first-year experience seminar, which is true for the Midwestern MAC School discussed in this research study. The purpose of this seven-year retention was to assess impact first-year seminar had on retention rates for students enrolled in thematic and non-thematic sections; to assess student leader post-perceptions about the course; and to examine the extent to which first-year students’ perceptions changed over a seven-year period. Overall, findings are positive and encouraging based on analysis of the data. Specifically, findings illustrate that the first-year seminar course has positively impacted student retention for both groups of students in the study, but more significantly for students enrolled in the thematic sections of the course. Additionally, the researcher’s findings also indicated that student leaders have positive post-perceptions about the course, and lastly, the First-Year Initiative survey findings show that over a seven-year period, students’ perceptions about the course have improved.
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