SEM-EP Registry



Susan Allan

Associate Director, International Student Initiative at The University of British Columbia

2017 SEM-EP Graduate

Susan Allan is the Associate Director of the International Student Initiative at UBC. In the last 16 years, Susan has worked with three BC public post-secondary institutions in recruitment, international admissions, document evaluation, student services and agent management. In addition to leading the international marketing and recruitment effort for UBC’s Okanagan campus, Susan is responsible for the recruitment of international students in Canada for the UBC system. She is currently serving as an advisor to the International Network of Tomorrow’s Leaders through the Canadian Bureau of International Education. Susan holds of Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and is pursuing her Master’s of Science Degree in Project Management

  • Capstone Project - The Creation of a Campus Culture for Student Success, literature review. This review compares three articles by leading enrolment management professionals on retention and student success to my primary text, Strategic Enrolment Intelligence. The central message of the text on retention is bringing together stakeholders from across the campus to share responsibility for student success from enrolment through to graduation. I explored how the articles supported or contrasted the idea of a retention champion and how some their proposed strategies are currently being utilized at my institution and where we had the opportunity to further student success in future at UBC.

Erin Alonzo

Former Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, SUNY Buffalo State

2018 SEM-EP Graduate

Erin Alonzo is the former Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management at SUNY Buffalo State in Buffalo, New York. She led the admissions, financial aid, and registration processes. At her previous institution, Lone Star College, Fairbanks and Cypress Centers, Alonzo was responsible for all student service departments including admissions, advising, registration, placement testing, financial aid, tutoring, the business office, international student admissions, and the call center. She has a master of business administration from Indiana University Kokomo and a bachelor of science in business management from SUNY Geneseo.

  • Capstone Project - “Recruiting Stop-Out Students to Help Stabilize Enrollment.” Focused on analyzing stop out student records to determine the feasibility of returning. Identified cohorts and developed intervention and communication plans specific to the needs of the population. Use Degree Works and SIS tables to correlate student’s degree progress to course availability for the upcoming semester to attract them to return and complete their degree.

Christine Atkinson

Enrollment Manager at Metropolitan Community College - Longview

2017 SEM-EP Graduate

Christine Atkinson has several years of higher education experience and currently serves as the Enrollment Manager at Metropolitan Community College – Longview, a public two-year college in Lee’s Summit, MO. Areas of expertise include recruitment, admissions, one-stop enrollment services, and records management. Christine graduated from MidAmerica Nazarene University with a Bachelor of Arts in Management and Human Relations and earned her Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Christine is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in Leadership in Higher Education.

  • Capstone Project - “Strategic Enrollment Management at Metropolitan Community College-Longview” analyzed institutional data, environmental data, and best practice research to recommend strategies to attract and retain students for optimal enrollment. Utilizing AACRAO’s SEM planning model as a framework, the five-year plan seeks to increase enrollment, persistence, and completion rates through a series of targeted strategies and tactics developed with representation from a wide cross-section of faculty, administrators, and staff. This capstone project was approved for implementation by the MCC-Longview President’s Cabinet in May 2017.

Teresa Borrenpohl

Enrollment Services Center Manager, North Idaho College

2019 SEM-EP Graduate

Teresa Borrenpohl is currently serving as the founding Enrollment Services Center Manager leading a team responsible for the face-to-face, email, and phone service to students for the Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, and Student Finance offices. In addition, Borrenpohl serves on the Strategic Enrollment Management Steering Committee, and the chair of the SEM-Recruitment Committee. Borrenpohl is President-Elect of the Idaho AACRAO chapter, IACRAO.  

  • Capstone Project - "NIC Connect: Purposeful High School Recruitment Gets Results" piloted a study of five purposeful high school visit engagements including 1. Applying to NIC; 2. Learning about the senior year expectations of the enrollment process; 3. Applying for scholarships and Financial Aid; 4. Completing academic assessments, and; 5. Registering for courses. This program resulted in a 25% increase in service area seniors matriculating to North Idaho College over the previous academic year. Success of this program was attributed to meeting students where they are in the high school classroom and where they are in the enrollment process.

Darcy Briggs

Associate Dean of Enrollment Services & Registrar at Arapahoe Community College

2017 SEM-EP Graduate

  • Over 18 years progressively responsible experience in higher education, with a breadth of experience in Student Affairs at two-year, four-year, public, and private institutions. Areas of responsibility have included admissions, recruiting, records / registration, graduation, prior learning assessment, First Year Experience program, academic advising, institutional research, assessment, financial aid, and curriculum and program development.
  • Expertise: Admissions, Enrollment Management, Registrar, Records and Registration, Process Improvement, and Leadership.
  • Capstone Project - “Evaluating the Impact Proactive Full-time Registration has on Student Retention.” This research project sought to determine if proactively enrolling a specific population of students full-time in their first semester of courses would result in student success when compared to prior year data. Student success is defined as an increase in enrollment, persistence, and retention.
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Jonathan S. Clayden

Director, Graduate & Professional Education Programs and Services, Tseng College: California State University, Northridge

2019 SEM-EP Graduate

Jonathan Clayden is the Director of Graduate and Professional Education Programs and Services at Tseng College, California State University, Northridge. With a focus on long-term enrollment management goals, he has responsibility for the ongoing excellence and distinction of graduate and professional education programs in the College of Extended Learning. Prior academically related posts include Director of Post-Graduate and Professional Studies at Emerson College, Los Angeles, and Chair of the Higher Education Committee of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

In the private sector, Jonathan held a 15-year tenure as president of PSI Records (an entertainment-focused label with clients including NBC-Universal, Disney, Fox, MGM, DreamWorks SKG, CBS, FX, Sony, and Activision), and is currently a consultant, helping organizations to facilitate best process, program impact, strengthened human capital, and robust fiscal outcomes. His consultancy expertise includes change management, process streamlining, on-boarding, and mapping out the metrics needed to best facilitate actionable data and data-informed decision making.

Academically, Jonathan holds a MA (Hons) in Work-Based Learning, from Middlesex University, London. He is an active member of various higher education associations (NAGAP, UPCEA, UEDA, etc.), and his latest scholarly article will be published in Strategic Enrollment Management Quarterly this July.

Capstone Project - "Public-Private Partnership Case Study" A case study of the impact of a limited-scope public private partnership on various aspects of the enrollment management funnel for a target set of academic programs at the graduate level in a college of extended learning at a large public university.” 


Cindy Donohue

Registrar, Emily Griffith Technical College

2020 SEM-EP Graduate

Cindy Donohue has worked in higher education since 2011, and has served as the Registrar for Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC) since 2015. Cindy manages the Registration department and oversees Student Records, schedule development, the Catalog, and FERPA compliance. Her experience includes leadership, organizational effectiveness, collaborative decision making and process implementation. She has headed multiple initiatives that led to improved departmental efficiency with cross functioning teams.

Capstone Project: Beyond Drop for Non-Payment - Evaluating the Impact of Timely Outreach on Re-registration examined the results of providing outreach to EGTC students who were dropped for non-payment and not re-registered after 30 days. In addition to the students who were contacted, a control list was created of 100 students during the same time period who had not been contacted. Though the impact of outreach on total enrollment was negligible, presentation of the findings in this report led to several collaborative discussions and initiatives that offered increased support at the admissions stage for all of our Career Technical Education students.


Tysa M. Egleton

Director for Student One Stop and Associate Registrar at Youngstown State University

2016 SEM-EP Graduate

  • 12 Years of Higher Education Experience in academic planning and enrollment management at a public institution with enrollment in excess of 12,000 students
  • Expertise in Accreditation, Admissions, Assessment, Enrollment Management, Integrated Services, and Records and Registration
  • Currently serving as Director for Student One Stop, leading an integrated student service responsible for records, registration, financial aid, and bursar functions
  • Capstone Project - "Using SEM as a Visionary Plan of Action" explores the transformational ways to address financial and enrollment challenges at public and private institutions while accounting for balance between the institutional mission and student needs.