SEM-EP National Registry


The professionals listed in this registry have earned AACRAO's endorsement as Registered Enrollment Professionals through satisfactory completion of the Strategic Enrollment Management Endorsement Program.

The registry is sorted by last name in alphabetical order; alternatively, you may use the search bar to find a specific enrollment professional. For each registered professional listed, you will find the candidate's area of expertise, samples of their significant coursework, and their LinkedIn profiles, if they have opted to share them.


John Soltice

Assistant Director, International Recruitment at the University of Alberta


2015 SEM-EP Inaugural Graduate

Diverse experience in the realm of international higher education, including the development of international student marketing and recruitment strategies, admissions policy and processes, scholarship strategies, statistical analyses, database design, and enrollment management. Past experience in ESL programs and study abroad programs.

Capstone Project - "In-Country Recruitment Activities Effect on Enrollment" study found that when recruitment staff were able to connect with prospective students in their country, the University saw a growing return on investment. In comparison with non-connected students (over the same 12 countries), the connected group showed growth in new intake over three successive years, as well as higher yield rates, first-year success rates, first-year GPAs, and the same or higher entry GPAs.

"Measuring the Effect of In-Country Recruitment Activities on Future International Enrollment at a Large Canadian University" -John G. Soltice, Strategic Enrollment Management Quarterly, Volume 4, Number 2, 2016


Eric Studebaker

Director of Student Engagement and Safety Coordination Idaho State Department of Education

2017 SEM-EP Graduate

Dr. Studebaker is currently serving as the Director of Student Engagement and Safety Coordination for the Idaho State Department of Education.  This role manages the Idaho Advanced Opportunities Program, Idaho GEAR-UP, Idaho 21st Century Community Learning Centers, 504 Support, Idaho Public Driver Education, Youth Suicide Prevention, Safe and Drug Free Schools, School Bullying Prevention, and College/Career Advising.  Dr. Studebaker is a member of the Idaho Council on Suicide Prevention, the Board of the Idaho Office of School Safety and Security, the Idaho Criminal Justice Commission, the Governor’s Taskforce on Opioid and Drug Abuse Prevention, and the Idaho Post-Secondary Council of Academic Affairs and Programs.  He is also an adjunct faculty and dissertation chair in the Ed Leadership program at Northwest Nazarene University.  

Capstone Project - "A Comprehensive Strategic Enrollment Management Plan" examined internal and external environmental factors and developed a multi-year, inter-departmental work plan to leverage institutional resources in support of student enrollment success at a community college in the Northwest.

Kristen Taylor

Senior Director of Enrollment and Partner Operations at Helix Education Services


2017 SEM-EP Graduate

Over 14 years of experience in enrollment management, holding leadership positions in admissions, advising, orientation, registration, first-year experience, financial aid, registration, career services, and student affairs in multiple Ohio community colleges and university regional campus systems. Kristen has successfully led institutions in strategic enrollment management planning and execution, and in developing an enrollment management ethos centered within the academic context and mission of her institution. Kristen attributes her successes largely to the guidance of mentors, her dedicated team members, and her collaborative partners. 

Expertise - Strategic planning, enrollment management, college access and student success, organizational communication, data analysis, leveraging technology for improved performance, relationship management, and transformative leadership.

Capstone Project - “Design and Execution of a SEM Plan: Focus on Academic Context, Collaboration, and Coordination.” Regional open access institutions face changing demographics, declining market shares, and decreased funding. The newly hired Senior Regional Director of Enrollment Management led Miami University Regionals in its first strategic enrollment management planning process and its execution. Within the Miami University Regionals Strategic Enrollment Management Plan are the academic, recruitment and marketing, student success, and data and finance plans. Focusing SEM on the academic context pf the mission achieved buy-in from every academic department and resulted in Enrollment & Completion plans for each degree program. Because of this comprehensive plan and subsequent plans, entering student enrollment is increasing and retention is improving.

Jeff Trapp

Jeffery Trapp

Associate Director, Recruitment and Admissions at Rotman Commerce University of Toronto


2019 SEM-EP Graduate

Jeff Trapp is the Associate Director, Recruitment and Admissions with Rotman Commerce at the University of Toronto (UofT). He previously held positions with UofT at the International Student Centre, Faculty of Arts and Science and Rotman School of Management. Prior to UofT, he worked in Japan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Manitoba. He holds degrees from UofT (MEd '98) and Brandon University (BEd '91).

Capstone Project - The Rotman Commerce Undergraduate Recruitment Plan provides a road map for yearly student recruitment activities. Overall Rotman Commerce staffing has grown significantly over the past two years (largely in Academic Services and Career Services) to better service the student population and it has become more important than ever to communicate strategic goals of individual work units for the Managing Director to ensure strategic alignment. The Rotman Commerce Mission "seeks to inspire and empower our students and alumni to become innovated leaders and engaged citizens who contribute to the success of organizations and the betterment of communities in Canada and around the world." The Recruitment portfolio is the first step to achieve this mission and flows into the work of other key units including Admissions, Academic Services, Student Life, Career Services, and Alumni Relations.


Tyler Williams

Director of Admissions at Brigham Young University -Idaho


2017 SEM-EP Graduate

Over 15 years of Student Services experience in Higher Education Administration for a four-year non-profit private university with a residential enrollment over 18,000 students. Currently serving as Director of Admissions leading a team responsible for recruitment and marketing strategy, processing and policy development, enrollment counseling, along with team building and development. Other significant experience includes financial aid counseling and processing, scholarship policy and awarding, statistical analysis, enrollment management, leadership, and collaborative decision making.

Capstone Project - “Managing for Outcomes” was a literature review that explored topics related to consistently achieving meaningful outcomes while learning strategies to get a competitive edge in attracting and enrolling students.